Sunday, November 23, 2008

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A week ago, I took my daughter to visit her dad in Cape May, New Jersey. He's there shooting a movie. She really enjoyed being on the set and followed her daddy around like a lil' puppy dog. It was adorable.

The day before my daughter and I were to return home, the casting director asked if our daughter could stay to be in the movie for some big Christmas scene. My husband and I didn't see how it would be possible because of school, but weighed the options. Additionally, my husband so loved having our daughter there with him and hoped for more bonding time. We asked our daughter if she wanted to stay (temporaryily) in New Jersey with her daddy. She did want to stay.
Our daughter seemed to truly understand her choice. She told me who she would miss; that she knew she would make new friends and go to a new school with a new teacher.
With just a day to figure out all the details and arrangements for tranferring our daughter to a new school-we had a LOT to do in a little amount of time. My husband spoke with a couple he's working with that have their daughter enrolled in the local school in Cape May. They explained the paperwork we would need. They also gave us the names of nannies and babysitters in the area. My husband made many phone calls to arrange for a nanny for the weekends he'd be shooting and any late nights he may have on set. He phoned the local school to determine what the process was for enrollment. I called her current school to find out how to get our daughter's paperwork transferred.
I unpacked her clothes and put them away. She only had enough for 4 days and 3 nights. I recently shipped her more clothes (especially for the cold weather there) and her backpack and supplies for school.

It all happened so fast, it almost didn't seem real. Flying back on the plane home was the weird though- I felt like I was missing something, (someone). The next day, I had to un-enroll my daughter from the school here and that's when it really hit me like a foot to the stomach.
But, I can't be selfish and think of me. It's only temporary and we'll see each other soon for the holidays. I speak with my daughter everyday and she sounds so happy. I know she and her daddy are enjoying their time together. It gives them a real chance to bond. It's an amazing opportunity for our daughter to experience another town, new people, new school, the set of a movie, and eventually snow! And my husband was able to be there for our daughter's second lost tooth!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I received the following text messages from my daughter after she had her first iphone texting lesson from her daddy using his phone:

I like my mom.
Sent from my iPhone

I. Will take care. Of. My. Mommy.
Sent from my iPhone

now these are some text messages worth saving!