Friday, September 30, 2005


My freedom is officially over today...that is my freedom from tampons. I started my period this morning. It's been 1 year, 6 months and 2 days since I had my last one-which signaled I was pregnant. I hoped to escape my normal cycle until I stopped breastfeeding. Oh well...
Now I need to borrow a quarter from someone at work so I can buy a tampon from the machine in the bathroom.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quote of the day...

"If you have kids, you can't wear low pants because you're bending over all the time and your entire rear end is hanging out...I call it the 'nanny crack.'"
Cindy Crawford

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I call my son JAWS...

At 8-months-old, my son has his two front bottom teeth and, boy, does he like to chomp. It's great for a piece of sweet potato or a cracker, but my nipples can hardly withstand his wrath. I feel like a teething ring. (If my son gets those two top teeth, I might have to start weaning early.)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't take it personally

I was on my way to a friend's house the other night to see their new baby girl. During the drive over, the father called and said to me, "I don't know any way to say this without sounding rude..." (that's not good-I had no idea what was coming) "...You're not bringing the kids, right?" (My kids, oh, the thought never even crossed my mind?) I hesitantly replied, "Y, yes." Well, because of a conversation my friends had with their doctor, they preferred I not visit with my kids in-tow. They hoped I wasn't offended. I don't know about offended as much as disappointed. But, every parent is different and often doctors give conflicting advice. I completely understood and turned the car around to go back home. I think my daughter was more upset than me-she was really looking forward to seeing the baby. The incident provoked me though. Why is it that doctors' advice differs so much? I had nieces and nephews, cousins and friend's kids in the hospital room with me and my daughter when she was first born and again more recently after the birth of my son. My daughter attended my niece's first birthday when she was just a week old. My doctor informed me the kids should have clean hands and avoid touching the baby's face. And, of course, nobody (no matter what age) showing cold symptoms should be around the baby. I was further told that some exposure would help my newborn build immunities. My friends' doctor told them that their newborn should not have contact with children-especially pre-school age-until she was 6-weeks-old and had built up her immunities. It's all so confusing. I think we have to heed doctor's advice to a point and do what feels comfortable to us. Do you're own research-read and/or discuss with other parents. But, remember to not take offense by or be judgmental of parenting methods different than your own.
I'm also wondering, wouldn't I have the same germs as my kids???

Friday, September 23, 2005

We can't blame the dog...

My three-year-old daughter has lost her first homework assignment-already. I hope it's not a sign of things to come. At daycare my daughter is learning to recognize her name and the letters that form her name. Suzie, the daycare provider, made her a nice large name tag that hangs like a necklace. My daughter brought it home to practice. Plus, I was supposed to write an emergency phone number on the back side of the tag for her to learn as well. She's lost it or put it some place she can't remember. I've torn the house apart twice and finally gave up this morning. I made a make-shift replacement for my daughter to take with her. Too bad we don't have a dog...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where do they pick this stuff up?

I've been told that kids are like sponges and I couldn't agree more. I just wonder where do they pick this stuff up? I know my three-year-old daughter takes after my husband and I, fellow day care kids, and of course television. But, on several occasions she has said things to me and I can't figure out where she heard or saw them? I'm obviously not paying as much attention as my daughter. Yesterday, she asked for my hand so I put out my hand. My daughter shook my hand and said, "Nice ta see ya." And then she pretended to leave out the front door. It was the cutest thing. I tried to recall having ever said "nice to see you" to anyone while she was around? Maybe it was on TV? My daughter has unfortunately started saying, "Whatever." I have to turn around to roll my eyes so she doesn't start doing that too. Another time, I asked my daughter if she wanted her jacket because it was cold outside. She replied, "It's not that cold, mommy." I felt like a teenager was talking to me. It's amazing how fast kids soak in the world around them and sometimes scary. I know I really need to pay more attention to what I say and do or my daughter's going to start using curse words she's heard from yours truly...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thunder & Lightning

I remember when I used to be scared of thunder and lightning. Now I actually miss them. Having grown up in Houston, I've heard my share of thunder storms. But out here in Southern California, the sound of thunder is rare. Well, until this hurricane season. Last night was the worst I've ever heard it in Los Angeles and the lightning show was awesome. My three-year-old daughter did not agree.
I imagine she saw strange flashes on the wall causing creepy shadows followed by a loud roar. Finally, in the middle of the night, she was calling for mommy and daddy. She eventually got enough nerve to come crawl in bed with my husband and me. It was just so precious. I don't want her to be afraid of thunder and lightning, but at that moment she needed to feel protected. I'll explain the weather to her later. We snuggled together and fell back to sleep.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Smells tasty...or does it?

Last night, a friend staying with me made us a pot of coffee. I had just placed some salmon in the oven to bake. I still had the smell of the fish in my nose when I took a sip of my coffee.
I nearly spit the fishy-tasting coffee mouthful out all over the table.
It got me thinking...
If it's true that 80% of taste is smell, what does my milk taste like when my son is nursing and the smell of baking salmon is in the air? Or better yet chocolate chip cookies baking? Or does the milk taste like how I smell? (I often smell like old milk)
It'll make me think (or smell) twice the next time he spits up his milk...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Importance of being a Traditionalist

1st Farmer's Market (Daddy bought Dawson a sunflower)

On Sunday my daughter asked me if we were going to the Farmer's Market-it's become an every Sunday routine for us.
It means so much to her and is creating lasting memories. We went to the Greek Festival instead, but we still did a Sunday afternoon activity. Other traditions include cooking blueberry pancakes or waffles on Saturdays and reading a book at bedtime. I remember family traditions from my childhood especially during the holidays and I plan to continue them with my family. We always had a delicious filot mignon dinner for Valentine's and a small gift was placed on your chair. At Easter time, my mom would hide our goodie baskets and provide little notes of clues to find them. On Christmas Eve, my folks gave my sister and I one gift to open and it was always pajamas. Then, my sister and I would read The Night Before Christmas to each other. It may seem like silly little rountine things, but the memories are priceless and I would look forward to those yummy waffles on Saturday morning or hunting for my Easter basket. I want my kids to look forward to family traditions and have warm memories of them too.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Kids brighten even the most somber occasions...without even trying...

I haven't blogged recently because my husband's father past away last week. We went to Liberty, TX for the funeral and returned on Saturday. The funeral was held at the burial site. For September in East Texas, the usually hot, balmy weather felt mild due to a pleasant breeze. Yet typical for this time of year in the South, the sworms of love bugs surrounded us.
My daughter had never seen these little black bugs before and often screamed aloud during the service as they landed on different parts of her body. In a whisper, I tried to explain to my daugher that they were love bugs and they were just kissing her. Another couple of bugs tickled the back of her leg and she ran about-an Aunt of ours picked her up. Again, the Aunt and I told my daughter the love bugs were simply kissing her. Then, every time a love bug landed on her she had to point and tell anyone around her, "look, the bugs is kissing me." I hoped no one was offended by her outbursts, but she was actually making people smile. And at a time of sorrow, a smile is the best gift.