Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't take it personally

I was on my way to a friend's house the other night to see their new baby girl. During the drive over, the father called and said to me, "I don't know any way to say this without sounding rude..." (that's not good-I had no idea what was coming) "...You're not bringing the kids, right?" (My kids, oh, the thought never even crossed my mind?) I hesitantly replied, "Y, yes." Well, because of a conversation my friends had with their doctor, they preferred I not visit with my kids in-tow. They hoped I wasn't offended. I don't know about offended as much as disappointed. But, every parent is different and often doctors give conflicting advice. I completely understood and turned the car around to go back home. I think my daughter was more upset than me-she was really looking forward to seeing the baby. The incident provoked me though. Why is it that doctors' advice differs so much? I had nieces and nephews, cousins and friend's kids in the hospital room with me and my daughter when she was first born and again more recently after the birth of my son. My daughter attended my niece's first birthday when she was just a week old. My doctor informed me the kids should have clean hands and avoid touching the baby's face. And, of course, nobody (no matter what age) showing cold symptoms should be around the baby. I was further told that some exposure would help my newborn build immunities. My friends' doctor told them that their newborn should not have contact with children-especially pre-school age-until she was 6-weeks-old and had built up her immunities. It's all so confusing. I think we have to heed doctor's advice to a point and do what feels comfortable to us. Do you're own research-read and/or discuss with other parents. But, remember to not take offense by or be judgmental of parenting methods different than your own.
I'm also wondering, wouldn't I have the same germs as my kids???

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