Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots can teach your children the true meaning of giving this holiday season.
And I know your kids have some extra toys hidden around the house or in some cases spread out all over the house in plain view. Any of those gently-used toys would make great donations!
Tell your kids about other children less fortunate than them and ask your kids to help you sort through some of their toys. Hopefully they'll want to join in and learn giving is as good as receiving. If your kids are not ready to give up a special toy, don't force it. If your child asks about Santa-say he needs help sometimes.
Thanksgiving is a few days away and I'm hearing several radio and television commercials for local toy drives. Check your local paper or online for toy drives in your area. I've noticed some drives only take new toys-if that's the case ask your kids to help you pick out a gift on your next shopping trip. Either way your kids donate, they'll feel good about themselves while they're helping out someone else.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Asthma treatment by chiropractor - alternative to medications

I'm so grateful to a close friend for referring me to a local chiropractor. I wrote a while back about how Dr. Matt, a chiropractor in North Hollywood basically cured my daughter of asthma. You can read the story here. I'm writing about it again, because now my son is beginning to show signs of asthma much like my daughter did three years ago. Plus, I know the amazing results and want to share this alternative and effective treatment with everyone.
I've been trying to find a kid-friendly chiropractor that specializes in treating children with asthma. Locating such a chiropractor was difficult. I finally found one through a friend's referral and took both my kids this past week. My daughter has not visited a chiropractor in almost 6 months and had one night of wheezing. Her previous doctor suggested once a month visits to prevent future attacks or to bring her in when she had a cold in the case it triggered the asthma. The preventive treatment worked wonders and had I continued taking her-I doubt she would have had the one relapse. I'm telling you the results are incredible and DRUG FREE!
I can't stand the thought of putting my son through all the breathing treatments and medications such as albuteral-like I had started out with my daughter. The medicine wouldn't let her sleep and made her so hyper-active-not to mention whatever side effects the meds may cause. Also, the nebulizer and medications are outrageously expensive. My kids' pediatrician suggested Singulair as a preventive measure-with my insurance that medication alone costs $96. The breathing apparatus is about $100 and the breathing meds are $40 each and up. Believe me I think my kids are worth whatever costs to make them well, but it just so happens chiropractic care for asthma only costs me $35 a visit (and that's without insurance).
Recently, my son developed a cold and I could hear wheezing in his chest. Like his sister, he would cough throughout the night and sometimes cough so much, he'd make himself throw up. The night of my son's first visit to the new chiropractor-he had a restful night's sleep. The doctor spent quality time with both my kids to make them feel comfortable and to get to know them. He even played some games with them. The doctor allowed my son to lay with me so he'd always feel secure. The doctor was extremely gentle and careful to explain the treatment. If your child is suffering from asthma and you're worried about the medications, please research chiropractic care as an alternative.
I know you'll be as amazed by the results and benefits as I am.

Dr. Michael Wolff 281-370-3349 9037 Louetta Rd Spring, Texas 77379

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Potty Humor

The caption below the the picture reads, "EFFORTS."

The picture has hung in my mom's guest bathroom for as long as I can remember and it always makes me chuckle...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Once bitten...

I've returned from a wonderful trip.
I asked my sister how the kids did while I was away. My sister informs me that my son has been bitten in daycare three times by the same kid. My sister went on to say that she inquired about the bitings and was told this by my son's teacher, "Yah, he just doesn't seem to learn that he shouldn't do that any more and keeps getting bit."

Does this puzzle you? I'm a bit confused. My son is the one going home with the "Boo Boo" reports not the "Uh Oh" reports for having done the biting. If my son is pushing the kid or not sharing- I'd like to know- but it's still no excuse for getting chomped on.
If my son doesn't share a toy with my daughter and she pushed him as a way of venting her anger, I certainly wouldn't allow my son to think he deserved to be pushed. I'd teach him to share and I'd teach my daughter not to push.