Sunday, November 05, 2006

Once bitten...

I've returned from a wonderful trip.
I asked my sister how the kids did while I was away. My sister informs me that my son has been bitten in daycare three times by the same kid. My sister went on to say that she inquired about the bitings and was told this by my son's teacher, "Yah, he just doesn't seem to learn that he shouldn't do that any more and keeps getting bit."

Does this puzzle you? I'm a bit confused. My son is the one going home with the "Boo Boo" reports not the "Uh Oh" reports for having done the biting. If my son is pushing the kid or not sharing- I'd like to know- but it's still no excuse for getting chomped on.
If my son doesn't share a toy with my daughter and she pushed him as a way of venting her anger, I certainly wouldn't allow my son to think he deserved to be pushed. I'd teach him to share and I'd teach my daughter not to push.


Micah said...

I'm thinking you should write a letter...maybe with it starting: Dear Stupid Teacher Bitch.

Too honest?

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

What the heck is going on??

You might try to set up a playdate with the kid that bites so they can interact outside of school and both sets of parents can police the problem - the school obviously isn't!

Mommygoth said...

Holy crap. We have the same issue in our daughter's class, but at least there the teacher is working with the parents to bring in an intervention counselor to work with the biter, not shrugging it off. How frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Dogg - did you ever see any resolution to this issue?

Kelley said...

Well, not really-though I did express my feelings on the issue and explained what I wanted if it were to occur again.
About a week ago, my son actually bit a kid in response to wanting a turn with a toy. My sister picked my kids up that day and had to sign the "uh oh" report for the biting incident. My sister told the teacher she wondered who taught him to bite! We haven't had any incidents since then. Maybe the teacher finally got the point.