Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Explosive diapers...not just subUrban Legend

After playing on the floor with his toys, my son became a little fussy. I figured he was tired and ready for a nap. I bent down to pick him up. He seemed better and started grabbing for his toys so I sat him up near his toys again. As I walked towards the kitchen, I felt something warm on my left forearm. I thought my son drooled on me and I proceeded to wipe it away. I just smeared some slimy substance into my arm. I looked down and AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, EEEEEWWWWWWWWW, GROSS! I fought to hold back my gag reflexes. My son had an explosive diaper! I did not see the poop that shot out the back of his diaper because I held him facing me. Crap coated his entire back side up to the base of his neck! This was no job for a wet wipe. This required a hot shower FOR ME and a warm bath for my son.
No wonder he had such a big grin on his face when I picked him up.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Many parents these days are giving their children choices instead of just laying down the law. It's smart parenting. For example, just last night my daughter decided she didn't want to take a bath (which she really needed and usually asks to have). If I forced her to take her bath, the situation would just become confrontational and frustrating. But, by giving her a choice-take a bath or go to bed-she feels in control and the battle is disengaged. My daughter decided she wanted to go to bed. Luckily, she realized she didn't like that choice. She told me she was sorry and that she'd like a bubble bath, please. I thanked her and made sure she knew what a good choice she made.
During the process of potty training, I'd tell my daughter to go to the bathroom every couple of hours because she didn't always tell me when she had to go. She became annoyed so I gave her a choice-do you want mommy or daddy to take you to the bathroom. Choices can be given in many situations-just be smart about them. When I first started this type of parenting, I didn't think things through very well. In one instance, my daughter was coloring and had crayons scattered everywhere. When she was done, I told her she needed to clean up her crayons or go to time out. She chose time out-leaving me to clean up the crayons!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean...

And now a commercial break:

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is my new best friend-and should be yours whether or not you have children. When my daughter started to really enjoy coloring, she managed to create an entire mural on a living room wall while I had my back turned. (If the kids are quiet-they're probably up to no good) I tried cleaners, the tooth paste and DW40 tricks-the crayon was just smeared making the wall look more like water color painting. But, the Magic Eraser made the wall pristine. It's perfect for dirty fingerprints on the walls, moldings and cabinet doors. My old, white Diaper Genie was looking dull and gray from accumulating dust. It's like the dust was actually trapped inside the plastic-now it's pure white and shiny again. I've cleaned all my dingy plastics, my children's' toys and appliances with the Eraser. They all look brand new. It's awesome at cleaning sinks and tubs too-especially since my daughter loves to use the "washable" bath time finger paints-washable, yah, right! Plus, I even buffed out scratches and smudges on my car. For once, everything you've seen on TV about a product is true.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tantrum in the Aisles!

Yesterday evening, I needed to pick up a prescription and some photos from Walgreen's. My 3-year-old daughter was none too happy about this errand and would not get out of the car. I thought about using the drive-thru to pick up the prescription and wished there was also a drive-thru for the photos! But, I felt I could not give into her pouting-what would it lead to? I placed my son in a buggy so I could retrieve my daughter from the car. I managed to unbuckle her from the car seat and picked her up. She immediately turned into a limp rag doll and just about slipped through my arms to the parking lot asphalt. I told my daughter we had to run in and that I would appreciate it if she would be my helper-usually worked, but not this time. As I carried her through the door while pushing my son in the buggy, my daughter began to wail at the top of her lungs. It was like an alarm went off inside the store and all patrons and employees turned to see what was happening. I don't respond to her tantrums in any other setting and firmly stood my ground as I carried her all the way to the photo counter. It was humiliating and I don't recall ever having so many evil stares directed my way, yet I kept a smile on my face. If I give into my daughter's tantrum out of embarrassment, what kind of example am I setting? THAT SHE CAN DO IT AGAIN AND GET HER WAY! I recently read an article

  • Parenting by Intention
  • by Barry Neil Kaufman. The author addresses this exact issue-by giving into tantrums or crying, we're teaching the art of manipulation. I can't change my parenting just because other people are watching with unapproving eyes. And though her tantrum seemed to last for hours, it really only lasted about a minute or two. I didn't respond so my daughter had no reason to continue. Once she calmed down, I asked her to use her words and tell me what was upsetting her. She simply said she didn't want to go. I thanked her for coming with me. Then, we got our photos and proceeded to the Rx counter. While we were waiting in line, my daughter started coughing. I kindly asked her to remember her good manners and cover her mouth. She did, with my face. I reminded her to use her hands to cover her mouth. A couple sitting near by chuckled. Finally, it was our turn and the pharmacist gave my daughter a coloring book along with our prescription. She loudly said, "thank you." What good manners I told her and allowed her to keep it as the pharmacist had already given it to her. I also explained that she wouldn't have received that coloring book had she not gone to the store with me. Though I added that she won't always get gifts from a store (I didn't want her thinking it was an every time occurrence). Now, let's see if I can stand my ground if she throws a tantrum on our next airplane ride!

    Monday, August 22, 2005

    Disneyland...the music is still in my head!

    Disneyland may not compare to Disneyworld, but I had an amazing time! And it was pointed out to me that Disneyland is the Original. It was well worth the discounted tickets! I don't think I would have enjoyed it half as much without the guidance of my friends-who have season passes and know all the best-kept secrets of the park. They made sure I had the opportunity to ride all the big rides and still allow for plenty of activities for my kids. In addition, we had the best seats for both the fireworks show and the Fantasmic show. The fireworks celebration for the 50th anniversary is the BEST fireworks extravaganza I've ever seen. Absolutely breath-taking. My 3-year-old actually stood still the entire show just in awe of it all-well she did jump up and down when Tinkerbelle flew across the sky. And I'm glad I stayed late to see Fantasmic. The scope of the show was just enormous and put together so flawlessly. My 7-month-old son, who slept through the fireworks show, soaked in the entire Fantasmic spectacular and was cooing along with the music. My worn-out daughter fell asleep and missed most of the show. But, she managed a glimpse at Mickey Mouse and her eyes went to the size of silver dollars and then she fell sound asleep again. If you can manage a long day with kids, I highly recommend staying for both shows. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them downloaded-here's one the park took of Dawson & I on the Buzz Lighyear ride (I'm so focused on the target & Dawson's little head is barely seen-I wonder what she was aiming at with her lazor gun?)

    Here are some tips I learned to make for an enjoyable and less stressful trip to Disneyland:
    1. Get to the park when it opens (if not before)
    2. Take water bottles and snacks for the kids-the park snacks are expensive (I splurged on a nice lunch and bought one treat)
    3. Write down the parking area-you might forget after such a full day.
    4. Rent a locker. It's only $5 for all day use. (I put my giant diaper bag in the locker and kept the essentials in the bottom of the stroller)
    5. Ride most of the big rides first thing.
    6. For big rides with long lines already, get FAST PASSES. An attendant will print out a ticket for you with a time to return to the ride and you'll be able to cut right in!
    7. Stick with one area and do as much as you can there.
    8. Make reservations for a character breakfast or lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant as they get packed. (We went to Blue Bayou-you sit right next the Pirates ride and see the boats go by)
    9. Take a blanket if you plan to see the fireworks and/or Fantasmic show-you'll need it for sitting on and saving a spot.
    10. To guarantee good seats, save a spot in front of the Magic Castle for the fireworks show or in front of the stage in Frontier Land for the Fantasmic show at least an hour before the show starts. If you have a group of people, it's a good time to take bathroom breaks, grab a bite or shop while others are saving spots.

    Friday, August 19, 2005

    I'm Going To Disneyland!

    I've avoided Disneyland for the almost five years I've been living in Los Angeles. I just felt it wasn't worth my money or my time. I heard the California park doesn't even come close in comparison to DisneyWorld. I've been to DisneyWorld three times and absolutely love it-especially Epcot Center. But, I've got kids now and some friends at work are going this weekend. My friends are self-proclaimed Disneyland Dorks and they get great discounts and know all the ins & outs of the park. I hesitated at first, because my husband is out-of-town and I know he'd like to be a part of our kids' first trip to Disneyland. However, the opportunity has presented itself and is just too good to pass up! My friend gets discount tickets through her sister her works for Disney and they literally go every possible weekend. The group is about 8 people and all have agreed to help me out with my kids. They're actually quite excited to see how my three-year-old reacts to all the sights & sounds of Disneyland. Plus, I had no idea there is this "Child Swap" program. (When I first heard the term, I became defensive- I'm not swapping my child) The program allows your spouse, other family member or friend to wait with the kids while you enjoy the ride. Then, they're automatically next in line when you return to watch the kids. I'm actually looking forward to my Disneyland Adventure!
    You know I heard that Disney did a study about how long people would hold trash before they would throw it on the ground-about 7 seconds. So supposedly the park is so clean because there is a trash can available about every 7 seconds.
    Some park Tips I found on-line for doing Disneyland ala kiddos:

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    High price for falling prices..

    I went to Wal-Mart this past weekend. In Los Angeles they aren't on every corner- it's quite the drive. But, those prices are just unbeatable
    especially when I've got to stock up on toiletries and other household necessities.
    Well, not having kids in school yet, I didn't think about it being "back to school" time. Avoid mega stores on weekends in August.
    My three-year-old can be a handful and doesn't like to sit in the buggy during the entire shopping trip. I took the more comfortable double stroller for the kids to sit in instead of the buggy (shopping cart for those of you not from the South). I made a deal with my daughter-if she stayed in the stroller and was my good helper I'd set up the plastic pool in the backyard when we returned home.
    Did I mention that most mega stores in LA are double-decker? It's such a pain. If you forgot Boudreaux's Butt Paste (the BEST diaper cream) on level 2, you have to wait in the never-ending line at the elevator again. Oh, and the escalators at this particular Wal-Mart broke while I was there so EVERYONE needed the elevator. I felt like a NASCAR driver.
    I had to push others into the wall to maintain my position in line. Apparently, the escalator failure had something to do with a main braker because the air conditioning went out too. Almost 2 hours later, I made it out of pergatory, I mean the check out line. The kids and I were dripping with sweat. Hundreds of HOT, hurried customers paying the price for lower prices. I think my next mega store run will be solo.

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Oh, there's nothin' I wouldn't do...for a HOT meal!

    I never realized how much I appreciated a nice, HOT meal- until I had babies. It's uncanny how well an infant can sense the exact moment your steaming plate of food is set on the table. The smell is enough to make him hungry or hungry again. I thought I timed my feedings just right so that my baby was full and I could eat a hot meal and actually have the use of both arms-it comes in handy especially if the meal requires cutting. My forethought rarely works. So, I eat my meals with one hand while nursing my son. But, I have to eat very quickly because my son needs a burping break and then wants to nurse on the other side. It's difficult to really savor a meal.
    Well, once my son is about a year-old and weaned, I'll have more opportunities to enjoy a nice, HOT meal!

    Friday, August 12, 2005

    Sour Grapes

    I was in the kitchen making dinner last night and listening to my daughter play with my son. They were both giggling. Then, I heard coughing. I stepped into the living room to find my daughter trying to feed her brother some grapes.
    Luckily, he spit it out. I've told my daughter several times that her brother can only have milk and baby food. She says she was just trying to share. It's a tough situation. I thank her for wanting to share with her brother, but insist that she ask me first. In the mean time, I'll have to pay even more attention to my daughter during snack time.

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    White Noise

    If you savor sleep as much as I do, don't watch the movie White Noise while you're alone and then have to go bed with the baby monitor on...

    Back Story-Several months ago, before I'd seen White Noise or even knew about it's premise, I clearly heard a child's voice over the monitor whisper, "Ssshhh, be quiet." I assumed my daughter was talking to my son over by his crib. I reached over to wake up my husband so he could go check on them and felt the leg of my daughter. Goose bumps crawled up from my toes to the top of my end. Apparently, my daughter had snuck into our bed. She was toward the foot end with feet up by my husband and me. I thought to myself, if she's in here then whom did I hear on the monitor? AAAAHHHH!
    I quickly awoke my hubby and informed him of what I'd heard. I freaked him out, so he went to check on our son. Nothing. Nobody. I must have imagined it? Maybe I wasn't really awake? I sure felt awake and I heard it so clearly. Maybe it was the boy downstairs talking to his little sister and some how I heard him through the walls? In any case, we were already spooked and my husband and I both had trouble getting back to sleep. Ssshhh, be quiet...I still get goose bumps...

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    Sex...or temporary lack there of...

    OK, this is a hard one to fess up to, but someone's got to say (or write) something. And please note, this is not true for everyone. We've all heard that sex after children is virtually non-existent. Well, it's not just because you may not feel as sexy or that the kids interrupt intimate time (see photo) or you're too tired. Sex (temporarily) just doesn't feel very good (but it sure felt great during the second trimester-WOW!). I find the unenjoyment especially true while breast feeding. My boobs are extra sensitive and no matter how hard (bad word choice) I try not to let it bother me-it sometimes throws off the mood. Plus, after waiting the 6 weeks post-partum period, sex was still painful for me. I no longer feel sharp pains now, but my insides just ain't the same and sex feels different.
    So how do you keep your spouse from feeling inadequate or unattractive during this time-you have to be very honest. And don't give up-keep trying! Currently, I'm hoping this stage is similar to what happened after the birth of my first child. Once I was done breast feeding (a full year), sex felt much better and I enjoyed it again. Maybe too much, obviously I ended up pregnant for a second time!
    In any case, though the sex may eventually feel good again-it truly is the last thing on my mind. To keep that part of my relationship with my husband, I've really got to work at clearing my mind and making "us" time. Which of course, begins with finding a babysitter...that's a whole other blog entry!

    (Oct 05)UPDATE!! Since I've stopped breastfeeding, the sex has been great again!! Everything is back to normal!!

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Pump it Up

    I think I've invented Breatpumpercise... I pump four times a day at work and I'm just sitting there. I already sit at my desk all day long. I needed some activity, so I started doing leg lifts and squats while I'm pumping. It's sort of difficult because I have to hold on to the suction cups and I sometimes lose my balance. But, I feel like I'm getting some exercise. Sorry no pics of this one-you're better off not seeing that. So much for making a Breatpumpercise video for the Home Shopping Network.

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    My boss has heard it all...

    I phoned my boss yesterday morning to inform him I was running late-about an hour late. "I left my breast pump at home," I told him. He's heard it all now...

    I was more than half way to work when I realized I'd forgotten the pump. I had to turn around and head back home. Once I retreived the pump, I fought LA traffic for a second time. Chalk it up to baby brain!

    Potty Training isn't just for kids

    These are just a few tips that worked for my daughter and me. Before my daughter was ready, I put a training potty in the bathroom. It made her curious and sometimes she would mimic me. Once she seemed committed to learning (about 18 months), I used the positive reinforcement approach. I always rewarded my daughter with words of praise, clapping, and stickers or little prizes. I became the head cheerleader.
    Training was facilitated by my daughter attending day care and succumbing to "peer pressure." With in a few months she had it, but was not accident-free. Outside circumstances (daddy travelling, me getting pregnant, etc.) caused her to regress on several occasions. I returned to my role as head cheerleader and we'd start again.
    Patience is necessary during potty training, but my daughter's bladder didn't always know the meaning of the word. "Can you hold it?" It's a hard concept to teach while in the midst of potty training and I can understand any child's confusion. It's a good idea to have a training potty in the car. Of course, before you go anywhere or leave anywhere, have your child go to the bathroom. I've yet to teach my son, but I heard to assist boys with their aim to put a few cheerios in the toilet. Bull's Eye!!
    While potty training, try to avoid restaurants that only have one bathroom. Once, my family and I were having breakfast at a local diner, my daughter exclaimed loud & proud, "Mommy, I have to peepee." "Okay, let's hurry," as I scooped her up and carried her towards the restroom-the single restroom. "Oh, no, did I pack extra pants for her today," I thought to myself. Several minutes passed and still the door knob read "Do Not Disturb." I knocked on the door just to let the person within know that someone else was out here patiently waiting her turn (and holding herself and dancing). Several more minutes passed. Was this person ill? I knocked again. And waited. Two more women were now in line behind us. I knocked again. Then, my daughter could no longer hold it and wet her pants. When the bathroom-hog wearing fresh, orange lipstick finally opened the door, she hissed, "Can't you read?" and pointed at the "do not disturb" on the door lock. I asked with concern, "Were you ill? Did the coffee get to you?" She shook her head. "Well, then there's no other excuse, my daughter's wet her pants waiting for you to put on your fucking ugly lipstick." All the women waiting in the line that now wrapped around the block chuckled as the restroom-hog ducked back to her table with her tail between her legs.
    FYI-Charmin bathroom tissue has a FREE training kit that includes stickers.

  • Charmin Potty Training Kit