Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Think I'll ever hear that again...???

My kiddos had their yearly check-ups recently. Every year the doctor asks the kids their favorite fruit and veggie- to make sure they are actually eating them.
My daughter told the doctor her favorites were watermelon and carrots. Sadly, I secretly hoped she had said blueberries and spinach- because my daughter eats them all the time and they are much more nutrient than the favs she mentioned.
My son said bananas and edamame (not sure that soy beans are in the veggie category- but at least their green!) The doctor seemed pleased with the kids' eating habits, but still emphasized that they should limit the amount of sugary snacks and sweets they eat.

This year the doctor also talked at length about playing outdoors and to try keep TV and video games to a minimum of two hours a day. I already have even stricter limits on both of these digital demons- so I was thinking my kids are in pretty good shape.

When I picked up the kids from karate later that afternoon, I treated them to dollar sushi night and green tea ice cream for doing so well at the doctor and for starting back to school. (And we usually go to dollar sushi night anyway-ssshhhh!)
I always make the kids share one scoop of ice cream, because it's about the size of a Ruby Red grapefruit.
During the car ride on the way home from the restaurant-as if I wasn't even driving-my daughter told my son what a good mom I was for "just giving them a little bit of ice cream" and my son added and "only letting them play DS for 15 minutes."

Think I'll ever hear that again...
well, I'll bask in it until I hear "but just a little while longer-even the doctor said two hours" or "only one scoop?!"