Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't demand respect as a parent.
Demand civility and insist on honesty.
But respect is something you must earn-with kids as well as with adults.
-William Attwood

I think as parents we demand respect because we are the parent and the elder- but all too often we demand respect by raising our voices or other disrespectful behavior.
If we're not acting respectful-how can we possibly demand it?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Individual Cookie Cake

My daughter requested a cookie cake for her birthday and I had every intention to oblige her. But, alas the local grocery store was out of cookie cakes the day that I needed one. Having no time to run to the cookie cake place in the mall or to bake one -AND - having some leftover chocolate chip cookies from Nanna - I improvised...

chocolate chip cookies, chocolate icing & sprinkles

I believe some of the best and most creative ideas are born from a lack of pre-planning and tight budgets. But, given proper preparation-an individual cookie cake could be the next cup cake cake! (with enough cookies to actually fill the platter or even better- a 3-tiered tray)

The the adults raved about how simple and original the cookie cake was and most importantly my daughter and the kids loved it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So my daughter was an extra in the new movie, Standing Ovation. (Her daddy is the Director of Photography)

It opens nationally July 16, 2010.

From the trailers and clips I've seen, Standing Ovation looks to be a fun, family film.

Please be sure to go see it!

"Through original songs and dance numbers, Standing Ovation delivers an optimistic tale of perseverance and passion that inspires the American dream in all of us. The film showcases a talented cast of kids as they learn the importance of friendship and family on a journey to fulfilling their dreams.

Five junior high friends form a singing group called "The 5 Ovations" to compete in a national kids music video competition for a prize of one million dollars. With limited funds and resources, these street smart kids use their wits, courage and passion to create spectacular song and dance numbers that compete with their arch rivals "The Wiggies", five rich, talented and unscrupulous sisters who, along with their nefarious parents, will stop at nothing to win the national competition.

Unlike most family films Standing Ovation features kids in all of its principal roles and tells its story through their optimistic eyes. From the adorable eight year old Alanna Wannabe who has more competitive ambition than Donald Trump, to Joei Badalucci who is as tough as any mafia don from her South Philly neighborhood the cast of Standing Ovation will make you laugh and cry as they unravel and rebuild their colorful lives.

Filmed on location in Atlantic City, Philadelphia and New York this spectacular kids' musical captures the beauty of the eastern seaboard, its working class neighborhoods and the rich culture of its big cities. With 20 original songs, 5 classic tunes and 13 spectacular dance numbers featuring over 100 talented dancers, Standing Ovation is the biggest kids' musical of the year."

The Return of THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY, July 15, 2010


A photon of light
travels the path
of least resistance
(from the sun to the earth)
to arrive at its destination.
In physics, it's called
the principle of least action.
In human dynamics,
it's called "making it easy
for ourselves."
Making something hard
never makes it better just makes it hard.

-Reprinted from Out-Smarting Your Karma
Barry Neil Kaufman

As a parent, don't ever think that taking the easy way is the "wrong" way or the "lazy" way to accomplish something. Be satisfied knowing that the task was accomplished!