Friday, February 29, 2008


Howdy, yall!
Does your state do this? We just love Go Texan Day down here-everyone gets to be a cowboy or cowgirl for the day! Yeehaw!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No picture with this post...

You'll soon understand why this post doesn't include a photo. I wasn't even sure I would write this particular post as the subject is revealing and embarrassing but damn funny. I just had to share it...

It was the night before my husband was flying out-of-town. He played with the kids one last time before bed and got them all amped up! They did not fall right to sleep that night. The hubby and I began watching "3:10 to Yuma" and tried to ignore the kids babbling to each other in their room. I'd call out occasionally for the kids to "hush up because it's night time."

My hubby and I were really enjoying the movie. We noticed our son sneak up the stairs. He tip-toed ever so cleverly up to our bed. We pretended not to notice-it was the last night to snuggle with the kids before hubby left town. Our daughter soon went looking for her brother and ended upstairs in our bed as well.

My hubby and I continued to watch the movie and then I heard a clanking noise upstairs. I ran up to tell the kids they had to settle down and go to sleep! I discovered the kids rifling through my bathroom drawers. I figured my daughter was getting into my eyeshadow and her brother was just following suit. I told them "to get in bed right now!"
My daughter quickly hid her hands and dived into the bed. She kept her hands hidden in the covers. I asked what my daughter had in her hands and told her she had to give it back to me. She replied, "I can't get them off, mommy."
I'm imagining hair ties as tight bracelets around her wrists and told her that I'd help her. She slowly pulled her hands out from under the covers.

Her two small hands were in tight fists and each was covered with a condom.

It looked like she had on surgical mittens.

I almost fell over - it was not AT ALL what I expected to see. I managed to control my laughter while I pulled the condoms off my daughter's hands. (Snap) She never asked about them so I dodged that bullet! I tucked the kids back in bed and went downstairs. I said to my husband, "Guess what your daughter was wearing?" and waved the condoms in his face. His mouth fell open and he managed a "WHAT?" He couldn't believe it either.

(I shared the story with my aunt the next day and in case you have the same questions she did...yes, the condoms were NEW and I have no idea how my daughter got the second one over her hand?)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

President's Day Deep Thoughts...

My daughter learned about President's Day in Kindergarten last week. She was told the story of Abe Lincoln.
The following is a picture of her's simple and to the point!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my favorite Valentine's creations was a card I made out of construction paper. I cut several different sized-paper heart shapes in red, pink and white and glued them together. I wrote a poem on the front for my husband. Then, I cut the card into big puzzle pieces and placed them in an envelope. I thought it would be a great project for my kids too.

Heart snowflakes are also unique Valentine crafts. You fold a piece of construction paper in half, cut the shape of half a heart making sure the folded side is the center of the heart. Then, along the folded edge, cut several small triangle shapes or slits. When you open the heart, you'll have an ornate heart-shaped snowflake. Tie a string on it for decoration or glue it to a different colored piece of paper.

Both my kids' schools are having Valentine's parties. The amount of students makes buying cards much easier for their school friends. My kids adore Sponge Bob & I found these great card & candy sets on sale at CVS drug store ($3 a box with your CVS card). The cards fold into little crabby patty gummy candy holders. Each kit contains 22 cards and crabby patties-which is just the right amount for my daughter's Kindergarten class. My son's daycare class has just 10 kids-so we have some extra for the neighbor kids and family.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Mommy, can you unmarry me?"

Not at all what I thought my daughter would be asking me at 5-years-old.
So I asked her when and where she had gotten married.

She replied, "Today, at school."

Apparently, a boy in her class had kissed her "on the lips" and now they were married.

My daughter took this conversation seriously and I knew she was putting her trust in me. It was important that I take the conversation seriously too to maintain her trust. I was very careful to not cast any judgemental glances and I tried even harded not to laugh. I then explained that kissing a boy didn't mean she was married- my daughter was quite relieved!

She said she wasn't ready to be married because she wasn't seven yet.

I swallowed my laughter and told my daughter that she had to be eighteen before she could legally marry.

My daughter later shared the story with her father...
Daddy- "A boy kissed you?"
Daughter (very assuring)-"Yes, but it was just a kiss. I'm not married."

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hit Parade

This year we celebrated Mardi Gras a little different-instead of watching the parade and catching beads, we were a part of the parade. My dad, my kids, and I truly had more fun throwing the beads! The parade was very family friendly and on a much smaller scale than most Mardi Gras parades. The local Mardi Gras Krewe du Lac allowed anyone to sign up to ride in the parade-all that was required was that you decorate your parade vehicle and throw somethin' mister! It's something you should try. Most communities host parades for numerous occasions.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

What's Your Favorite Part...

...of the story?
...of the meal?
...of the trip?
...of your school day?
...of gymnastics class today?

What's Your Favorite Part...of anything really-it's just a simple phrase that can start a conversation with your kids.

It's difficult sometimes for me to get my daughter to tell me about what she did in school or gymnastics. She's incredible at dreaming up creative stories, but not usually elaborate about her day. By asking her, "What was your favorite part about school today," I open up the dialogue and make it easier for her to answer me. Then I get the best of both worlds...I still get to hear her stories about the girl who hangs the stars in the sky and I also discover that my daughter's favorite word she learned in class is "like."

So what's your favorite part?