Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my favorite Valentine's creations was a card I made out of construction paper. I cut several different sized-paper heart shapes in red, pink and white and glued them together. I wrote a poem on the front for my husband. Then, I cut the card into big puzzle pieces and placed them in an envelope. I thought it would be a great project for my kids too.

Heart snowflakes are also unique Valentine crafts. You fold a piece of construction paper in half, cut the shape of half a heart making sure the folded side is the center of the heart. Then, along the folded edge, cut several small triangle shapes or slits. When you open the heart, you'll have an ornate heart-shaped snowflake. Tie a string on it for decoration or glue it to a different colored piece of paper.

Both my kids' schools are having Valentine's parties. The amount of students makes buying cards much easier for their school friends. My kids adore Sponge Bob & I found these great card & candy sets on sale at CVS drug store ($3 a box with your CVS card). The cards fold into little crabby patty gummy candy holders. Each kit contains 22 cards and crabby patties-which is just the right amount for my daughter's Kindergarten class. My son's daycare class has just 10 kids-so we have some extra for the neighbor kids and family.

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