Saturday, February 02, 2008

What's Your Favorite Part...

...of the story?
...of the meal?
...of the trip?
...of your school day?
...of gymnastics class today?

What's Your Favorite Part...of anything really-it's just a simple phrase that can start a conversation with your kids.

It's difficult sometimes for me to get my daughter to tell me about what she did in school or gymnastics. She's incredible at dreaming up creative stories, but not usually elaborate about her day. By asking her, "What was your favorite part about school today," I open up the dialogue and make it easier for her to answer me. Then I get the best of both worlds...I still get to hear her stories about the girl who hangs the stars in the sky and I also discover that my daughter's favorite word she learned in class is "like."

So what's your favorite part?

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