Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Mommy, can you unmarry me?"

Not at all what I thought my daughter would be asking me at 5-years-old.
So I asked her when and where she had gotten married.

She replied, "Today, at school."

Apparently, a boy in her class had kissed her "on the lips" and now they were married.

My daughter took this conversation seriously and I knew she was putting her trust in me. It was important that I take the conversation seriously too to maintain her trust. I was very careful to not cast any judgemental glances and I tried even harded not to laugh. I then explained that kissing a boy didn't mean she was married- my daughter was quite relieved!

She said she wasn't ready to be married because she wasn't seven yet.

I swallowed my laughter and told my daughter that she had to be eighteen before she could legally marry.

My daughter later shared the story with her father...
Daddy- "A boy kissed you?"
Daughter (very assuring)-"Yes, but it was just a kiss. I'm not married."

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