Monday, August 15, 2005

Oh, there's nothin' I wouldn't do...for a HOT meal!

I never realized how much I appreciated a nice, HOT meal- until I had babies. It's uncanny how well an infant can sense the exact moment your steaming plate of food is set on the table. The smell is enough to make him hungry or hungry again. I thought I timed my feedings just right so that my baby was full and I could eat a hot meal and actually have the use of both arms-it comes in handy especially if the meal requires cutting. My forethought rarely works. So, I eat my meals with one hand while nursing my son. But, I have to eat very quickly because my son needs a burping break and then wants to nurse on the other side. It's difficult to really savor a meal.
Well, once my son is about a year-old and weaned, I'll have more opportunities to enjoy a nice, HOT meal!

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