Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots can teach your children the true meaning of giving this holiday season.
And I know your kids have some extra toys hidden around the house or in some cases spread out all over the house in plain view. Any of those gently-used toys would make great donations!
Tell your kids about other children less fortunate than them and ask your kids to help you sort through some of their toys. Hopefully they'll want to join in and learn giving is as good as receiving. If your kids are not ready to give up a special toy, don't force it. If your child asks about Santa-say he needs help sometimes.
Thanksgiving is a few days away and I'm hearing several radio and television commercials for local toy drives. Check your local paper or online for toy drives in your area. I've noticed some drives only take new toys-if that's the case ask your kids to help you pick out a gift on your next shopping trip. Either way your kids donate, they'll feel good about themselves while they're helping out someone else.

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Anonymous said...

I'm helping at work to "Adpot-A-Family" a program very popular at Disney. The idea is the same as TFT, but you're buying for a whole family in need.

I decided to buy for the Dads. What did they ask for? Construction boots and shaving kits. That's it. How unpretentious...