Monday, October 17, 2005

Your Child can Breathe easier with a Chiropractor...

My daughter has suffered with childhood asthma since she was about 6 months old. At first I thought she was just prone to colds, but the coughing and wheezing proved otherwise. Her coughing and wheezing was especially bad at night or after a fit of crying. It was awful-it sounded like she was choking. The pediatrician prescribed a liquid form of Albuterol to help open up my daughter's airway. The medicine helped, but it made her incredibly antsy and irritated. I tried to use it sparingly. When my daughter was almost two, the pediatrician prescribed an inhaler form of the Albuterol. She hated breathing from the inhaler-it was always such a fight. In April of this year, I started seeing a chiropractor for my neck. Since I'm often on my own, my kids were in tow with me during my appointments. Dr. Matt heard my daughter's cough and asked if she had asthma. I told him her story and he informed me that he could rid her of her symptoms. I was very skeptical. I had never heard or read anything about chiropractic care for asthma. He assured me it was safe and would work-he said he cured his son of his childhood asthma. I then talked to the doctor's son. Knowing he was biased, I still believed his account. I found out that my health insurance covered my daughter's appointments and thought I'd give it a try. She started with one appointment a week for eight weeks. In the first week, my daughter was coughing up the nastiest crud from her lungs. The doctor warned me of this and said she should get plenty of liquids. After a month, her lungs seemed clear and I no longer heard my daughter coughing or wheezing. The results were unbelievable! She loved going to Dr. Matt and he was so gentle & good with her. After 2 months, I would have sworn she had no more asthma symptoms. Her appointments were cut to once every other week. It has been such a blessing to use a natural alternative to medicines to rid my daughter of her asthma symptoms. I highly recommend it. Currently, her appointments are as needed. But, please note-all children are different and so are their degrees of asthma. It could take longer for chiropractic care to work on your child than it did on mine. And chiropractic manipulations don't cure asthma-it works to subside symptoms like medicine but naturally and without all the side effects. Although, I believe my daughter is cured-she has had no symptoms at all in several months. It's worth a try-Dr. Matt is located in North Hollywood, CA-but many chiropractors are specialized to work with children.
"The doctor noted, for example, that although chiropractic management does not
cure asthma, neither does medicine. Quality-of-life indicators have improved..." Dynamic Chiropractic
"Although chiropractic treatment may not be a cure for asthma, the use of chiropractic manipulation to control musculoskeletal symptoms is a major benefit..." New England Medical Journal

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