Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Sense of Style

As soon as my daughter was capable of dressing herself-I was lucky if she asked me to do a button for her. She got so good at buttons and zippers and snaps, she was dressing the other kids in day care-even the older ones. Now, at three-years-old, she wants to also pick out her own outfits. Of course, I indulge. It's good for her to feel independent. Plus, she's learning color coordination and building her own sense of style as well as self-esteem. Recently, a fellow day care playmate, gave his dragon galoshes to my son. The boots are too big for my son, so my daughter has taken custody. I think she even sleeps in them. Here's a pic of her latest (adorable)look . My daughter picked this outfit for a nice, family dinner at a fancy German restaurant...shirt daddy bought her in Galapagos Islands, blue pants, and those cute dragon rain boots!
My friend, Mary, is right-my daughter's quite the Fashionista!


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I love it! Fashionable and practical. Very pulled together! I just love the touch of blue and green in the t-shirt. Great Job! So when do we get to go shopping?

Kelley said...

oh, shopping, you're pulling my arm all the way to the clearance rack!

Assma said...

You're mother told me you were getting a boob job. I'm so glad you did it for yourself-if best dissertation they look and feel as good as you say-you might convince me to get a new pair!