Monday, October 24, 2005

My Laziness...a source of inspiration???

Saturday mornings are meant for coffee and reading the newspaper...lounging and lazy...
oh...yah...I've got kids! Well, I tried to enjoy a lazy early Saturday morning when my daughter pointed out a pen that had fallen between the wall and the snake cage (yes, I wrote snake cage). I told my daughter not to worry about the pen. She kept asking me to get it for her. I really didn't want her to have the pen, but mostly I was being lazy. So my daughter goes and gets a long-handled duster
and tries to drag the pen out from between the wall and the cage. A valiant effort, yet she just pushed the pen further back into the corner. I was very impressed with her ingenuity and completely disappointed with my own slothfulness. Feeling proud (for her) and guilty (of me), I got up from my coffee and Travel section to assist my daughter in retrieving her well-deserved pen. And that old duster did the trick!

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