Monday, September 12, 2005

Kids brighten even the most somber occasions...without even trying...

I haven't blogged recently because my husband's father past away last week. We went to Liberty, TX for the funeral and returned on Saturday. The funeral was held at the burial site. For September in East Texas, the usually hot, balmy weather felt mild due to a pleasant breeze. Yet typical for this time of year in the South, the sworms of love bugs surrounded us.
My daughter had never seen these little black bugs before and often screamed aloud during the service as they landed on different parts of her body. In a whisper, I tried to explain to my daugher that they were love bugs and they were just kissing her. Another couple of bugs tickled the back of her leg and she ran about-an Aunt of ours picked her up. Again, the Aunt and I told my daughter the love bugs were simply kissing her. Then, every time a love bug landed on her she had to point and tell anyone around her, "look, the bugs is kissing me." I hoped no one was offended by her outbursts, but she was actually making people smile. And at a time of sorrow, a smile is the best gift.

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