Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Importance of being a Traditionalist

1st Farmer's Market (Daddy bought Dawson a sunflower)

On Sunday my daughter asked me if we were going to the Farmer's Market-it's become an every Sunday routine for us.
It means so much to her and is creating lasting memories. We went to the Greek Festival instead, but we still did a Sunday afternoon activity. Other traditions include cooking blueberry pancakes or waffles on Saturdays and reading a book at bedtime. I remember family traditions from my childhood especially during the holidays and I plan to continue them with my family. We always had a delicious filot mignon dinner for Valentine's and a small gift was placed on your chair. At Easter time, my mom would hide our goodie baskets and provide little notes of clues to find them. On Christmas Eve, my folks gave my sister and I one gift to open and it was always pajamas. Then, my sister and I would read The Night Before Christmas to each other. It may seem like silly little rountine things, but the memories are priceless and I would look forward to those yummy waffles on Saturday morning or hunting for my Easter basket. I want my kids to look forward to family traditions and have warm memories of them too.

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Micah said...

My family would always get together and sing. It changed my life.

Traditions rock! (Except when it's seeing ballet every year...)