Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sorry it's been a while since my last posting, but we've finally moved into our home! Our first home! (And we're still waiting for internet service).
It's overwhelming, it's awesome and we just love it! It took several months and the wait was well worth it. The house isn't too big or too small. I didn't want too much to clean or keep up with and there are enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own. The school district is great. The area is safe. Plus, we're two blocks from the water and close to lots of fun, family activities (such as the Kemah Boardwalk). And yet, the neighborhood is small-almost rural-and quiet. The house sits on two lots, so I have more yard than I really wanted to take care of-I'm thinking of buying a goat! (We don't have any deed restrictions either-we can do whatever we want with the place)
The kids are adjusting well to their new surroundings. The transition also meant a new day care. I've decided to take them to a place close to my work to keep them near me and lessen the burden of having to worry if I'm unable to pick the kids up for whatever reason. (The new day care is a whole other blog entry to follow soon!)
I'm having my 4 1/2 year-old daughter help in the unpacking and placing of things so she feels apart of the new house. She's seems rather proud of her room and I want her to make it her own. My husband and I will have to help out our two-year-old, but we'll be sure to pick furniture and a color scheme he will like for many years. (I'm not too big on theme/character rooms as kids grow out of stuff so fast.)

I have to end with a story about one of the neighbors welcoming us to the area. I was home that day with the kids because they were both sick. My son was pretty fussy and I was holding him while greeting our new neighbor. She's an elderly lady who lives next door. She came by to introduce herself and inform me when the trash is picked up. She told me about herself and even offered to watch the kids if I needed to run an errand sometime. She went on to tell me her husband had recently passed away and that she lived alone. My son started getting antsy in my arms and took my attention away from my neighbor. When I looked back up at her, she was crying, sobbing over the loss of her husband. As I tried to console her, my son threw up all over me.
Cue the vomit. What timing!
There we all were, standing right inside my back door. Me with throw up dripping off my face and coating my shirt trying to be a good listener and reassuring to the neighbor I've just met for the first time. I quickly, put my son in the kitchen sick and started to clean him up while still trying to be a good host to my neighbor. She soon gathered her composure, wished the kids well and went on her way. It was a surreal scene.
I look forward to checking in on my neighbor this weekend (without throw up on my face). We'll have some sweet tea and a good chuckle, I'm sure.


Tish said...

I am so excited. I hope we can meet up soon!

TL said...

A HOUSE!!! A HOUSE!!! I can't believe you got a house! OMG!! And it's soooo pretty.

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