Friday, June 15, 2007


In honor of my husband...

As many of you know, my husband works in the film industry and travels quite a bit-a lot actually. It's difficult at times-but I believe the quality of the time you spend with your family far outweighs the quantity of time.
(I think of it this way, a husband with a "normal, nine-to-five" job could be around more, but he could also be a lazy, couch-potato who doesn't pay attention to anything except the TV)

When my husband is home, he tries to make the visit enjoyable and memorable for the kids. We bought our first home the beginning of this year and it needs a few improvements to make it more our own. Housework isn't something you'd think kids would enjoy, but they love to help out their daddies! My husband put in a brick walk-way from our driveway to the back patio area and our kids were his lil' assistants. They helped him load the wagon with bricks, level dirt (well, mostly they played in the dirt), pour rocks (OK, again play with rocks), and lay the bricks.
My husband came up with the idea to bury a time capsule under the walkway. He told our daughter to color a pretty picture of our first home and write every one's name on it and the date. He also asked her to find some objects that she would really like to share with whomever would find this capsule. Our daughter gathered up some Mardi Gras beads and other trinkets from her room. They placed the drawing and objects in a decorative tube. Then, they placed the tube inside a large, Ziploc bag and buried it in the dirt beneath the walkway.

Just about every day when my daughter steps across that brick walk-way, she tells me, "Some day future people are going to see my pretty picture."



willam said...

aw. that's so sweet! (and your husband is still hot i see)

TL said...

A time capsule is such a great, creative idea! Seems like Jon has a knack for turning chores into fun family activites.