Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Lieu of a Proud Parent Bumper Sticker...

When I first moved into our new home, I wasn't sure about the school district in the area. I had heard good and bad things from neighbors about the local elementary school. I visited the school with my daughter and found the school and staff quite impressive. My instincts were right. I don't think the testing and "exemplary" status information you look up online or read in the news paper can always tell you everything about a school. You should visit the school and see for yourself.

My daughter started Kindergarten this Fall. Her first school, Stewart Elementary has been awarded the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award from the Department of Education.

Stewart Elementary is one of 23 in the BIG state of Texas and one of 287 schools nationwide to achieve the Blue Ribbon Award. The award is the highest honor granted to an American school.

The school had a full-fledged parade including Mayors from the cities of Kemah and Clear Lake Shores and representatives from the Department of Education and local Senators' offices. The Mayors of each city declared November 16th LaVace Stewart Elementary Day. (My husband and I decorated our new golf cart and joined in the parade. My dad recently won the golf cart a raffle-how awesome is that!!)

All of the students were given t-shirts and dog tags to mark the occasion. It was an event much bigger than any I ever expected to attend during my daughter's first year of school.
We all had a great time and we are so proud of my daughter's Elementary school!


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