Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Festivals are year-round, but something about the current weather conditions just makes me want to go festival-hopping even more. I search the local papers and internet sites for any festivals in my area. This past weekend, the Kemah Boardwalk held their annual Crawfish Festival. I didn't really care about eating crawfish there (way too expensive at $9.00/pound), I'll I wanted to do was enjoy the outdoors and listen to some great Zydeco music. Entry into the festival was free. I even took 7 kids along with me! I was often stopped by other festival-goers and asked, "Are all those kids yours?!" With every question, the title of my blog would pop into my head.
And no, I'm not a gluten for punishment!

Actually, I do know how I did it. I made sure the youngest kid (my lil' wreckin' ball son) was strapped in his stroller so he was easier to manage. The other youngsters, including my daughter, were age 5 to 8 and all well-behaved kids. I continually made a head-count of everyone. I also paired the kids up so each of them had someone to keep track of. The boardwalk is kid-friendly with lots of sidewalks to manuver around the heavy traffic-though coming from and returning to the car-I made sure everyone was holding hands.

The experience was not painful. It was pleasant, because the kids were great listeners. Plus, they just wanted to have fun too and didn't want to have to leave any earlier than necessary!
Thanks, kids! Bay Day at the Boardwalk is next!

(One of the boys was too shy to be in the photo)


Anonymous said...

Posted this on your kids eat free section, not sure if you saw it. Check out for the upcoming 2008 list. The 2007 list still rocks, very informative and full of fun stuff. Love your blog. too fun! Good times. ;-)

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

You are brave...and very organized to boot! Looks like fun.

How much are the crawfish normally? Why are they so high right now?

Kelley said...

I do enjoy the boardwalk-but they upcharge big time! If you go across the bridge to Pappadeaux's you can get happy hour crawfish for $3/pound! Most local restaurants have crawfish selling all day for $4.99 to $6/pound. I guess with gas prices and shipping-the crawfish are more expensive this year?

Kelley said...

Christina-I did check out your website-thanks for the link. I'll be sure to visit your blog!