Sunday, January 18, 2009

Small Courtesy Cups=BIG Savings at the movie concession stand!

Because I worked at a movie theatre throughout high school and college, I know about courtesy cups. Theatre patrons usually request them for tap water in place of expensive sodas. I often used them for extra jalapenos when I indulged on nachos or a hot dog.

Now that I have kids, nieces and nephews, so I use courtesy cups to save on concessions. My mom and I took 5 kids to the movies this weekend. I ordered the "movie lover's" bucket of popcorn for $6 and a medium soda for $4.25. The purchase of the bucket also included a free refill. I asked the concession worker for 5 courtesy cups. Each kid had their own lil' cup of popcorn and we shared the drink. It was much cheaper at $10.25 than $4.75 kid theatre packs times 5 kids. (And they don't need the nasty candy that comes with those packs anyway!) You could always use the same technique with the soda if you're worried about so many kids sharing.

Bring your own courtesy cups from home if you don't want to ask the theatre for several of them.


Heidi said...

Great idea, that stuff really adds up & we usually spill half the big bag passing it back & forth anyway.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately although this saves you money now in the long run it will cost you more. As you should know from working at a theatre the concession stand is the only place that money is made to run the business (ticket sales go to the studios). Prices will have to continue to be raised if the adequate sales are not made on the concession items to counteract all of the expenses (lights, payroll, toilet paper, etc). The courtesy cups also cost money and will affect the theatres bottom line. Abuse is why many theatres are limiting the number that they provide and have basically eliminated having extra bags for the guests to use.