Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Texas Roadhouse -not just a good place to eat...

When I think about a place to go out to eat, I've never thought to have dinner at a Texas Roadhouse. I've only eaten there three times and each time I was invited with a group while attending a conference for work. I've always thought the food was very tasty and reasonably priced, but just never think of going there.

Recently, my daughter attended a tour of a local Texas Roadhouse with her summer day care center. I couldn't understand why the center would choose a restaurant for a field trip. Silly me! My daughter was so excited to tell me all about her tour of the Texas Roadhouse. She handed me a certificate of participation and a letter that read:
"It has been a pleasure to have your child come visit us for a fun learning experience at Texas Roadhouse, Friendswood. We've enjoyed feeding your child and showing him/her the 'ins and outs' of how a restaurant works at no charge to you. It's our desire to reach out to the community in any way we can. We hope you will come back with your child and visit us again.
Have a lengendary day!"

Now granted, the restaurant is surely trying to get more business, but what a great way to do so. My daughter is still asking me when we're going to go eat at the Roadhouse. She has always liked to help out in the kitchen and now more than ever. I think the field trip was a wonderful learning experience for her. My daughter said her favorite part of the trip was helping make the homemade rolls-which each child received 4 rolls to take home. Oh, and are they good!

Here's info on the field trip as described by the Texas Roadhouse website:

Texas Roadhouse Tours!
Looking for a fun and exciting field trip idea for your school or day care? How about Texas Roadhouse! Bring your group in for an exciting learning experience with their teachers for a fun-filled field trip. The children tour the restaurant, learning the different aspects of how a restaurant works, learn to line dance, and “pound” some of our dough to make our delicious dinner rolls! They are also treated to lunch and are sent home with Official Roadhouse Roadies Certificates, a bag of peanuts, some of the rolls they helped make, and a free kid’s meal pass for their next visit with Mom and Dad!

I think I'll be eating at the Roadhouse soon...and Kid's Night is every Tuesday-kids 12 and under eat free with purchase of adult meal.
(NOTICE: this is a true roadhouse and peanut shells cover the floor-beware if your child has peanut allergies)

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