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17 ways to treat yourself on Mother's Day

17 ways to treat yourself on Mother's Day

What would Mother's Day be without pampering and indulgences? Don't limit yourself to just one day of the year, though. Sure, you're running a household, taking care of your kids 'round the clock, and perhaps pulling down a paycheck. But don't forget to make time to take care of yourself, too. Some real-world ideas — from other time-starved moms — for indulging yourself on Mother's Day, or any day:

A taped escape "I never have time to read, and I really miss it. My library has a great selection of books on tape, and I've gotten a lot of 'reading' done while running errands, doing household chores, and even trying to fall asleep at night."— Nancy Pankey Colon, mother of Phillip, 6, Andrew, 4, and Eloise, 1, Monmouth Junction, N.J.

Treat those tootsies "I get a pedicure. It's a great time to read a book and let someone else rub my feet. Plus, my toes are ready for sandals now!"— Kay Kay Sharp, mother of Katie Beth, 11 months, Columbia, Tenn.

A "date" with a friend "I send my daughter to her grandmother's for the day, and I go to a long, lazy lunch and a good movie with a friend. We get exactly what we want to eat, no matter what the price or the fat grams. We sometimes even have a couple of cocktails or dessert. Then we slip off to the movies, where we indulge in popcorn and Twizzlers."— Maribeth Langford, mother of Kate, 7 months, Lanett, Ala.

Girls' night out "I make plans with my childless college roommates to go out on the town and sleep over at their apartment in the city."— Melissa Nordstrom, mother of Nicholas, 17 months, Manalapan, N.J.

The clean team "I have a cleaning service come in once every two weeks. What those three ladies do in 90 minutes takes me three days! Now, I can spend weekends with my son instead of dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing floors."— Shawn Gisi, mother of Jack Anthony, 11 months, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

A day on your own "Every Friday, I hire a babysitter for the day. It enables me to run errands and do small things for myself (like get a haircut or shop) without worrying about naps, moods, or feedings."— Dianna Cutler

Saving memories "I'm addicted to scrapbooking. During my free moments, I love to work on my scrapbook. It gives me a chance to reflect on my memories."— Beth Karmis, mother of Cameron, 9 months, Wheaton, Ill.

Shop till you drop "My cousin and I went on a 24-hour kid-free shopping spree — antiques, arts and crafts, and the new outlet mall in our area. Our husbands kept the kids, and we stayed at a bed-and-breakfast. Even though I called home every three hours, it was awesome trying on clothes in a dressing room that doesn't have to accommodate a double stroller, not stopping every few hours to feed the baby, and not lugging the diaper bag around."— Darla Ringer, mother of Ian, 2, and Peyton, 8 months, League City, Texas.

A spa retreat "My three sisters and I leave the children and husbands at home and head to a spa. We get an affordable package that includes a sauna, a mineral bath, and a massage. Then we head to our favorite diner for brunch. We have one rule, too: No complaining about work, husbands, or kids."— Karin Plumadore, mother of Mark, 6 months, Troy, N.Y.

A movie matinee "Once a week, I go to a matinee that begins at my baby's nap time. During the previews, I nurse him in the dark, and he's usually asleep on my lap by the time the movie begins. Then I sit back and relax for an hour and a half."— Joanne Corrigan, mother of George, 11 months, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Sweet dreams "I take a hot bath, read a new magazine, and go to bed by 9 o'clock, letting my husband listen for the baby until 1:30 a.m. That way, I'm guaranteed a few hours of deep sleep."— Beth Bamberger, mother of Samuel Sebastian, 9 months, Russell, Pa.

Ice cream and must-see TV "My husband and I have a ritual: Wednesday is TV and ice-cream night. We make an evening run to Dairy Queen, then I kick back to watch The West Wing with my hot fudge M & M-topped sundae."— Andrea M., mother of Joel, 5 months, Martinsburg, W.Va.

Class act "I take adult education courses at night that enable me to make things with my hands, which is very therapeutic for me. I took a woodworking class and made a huge, cherry-framed mirror which now adorns our wall, for instance, and I just finished a crochet class."— Leslie Zales, mother of Gracie, 1, Belmont, Mass.

A hotel away from home "Once, when having two kids under the age of 2 got to be too much for me, I packed an overnight bag and went to a hotel. Uninterrupted, I read a magazine while listening to instrumental music on the radio, had a drink, took a long, hot shower, and got a full night's sleep. It was a little bit of heaven."— Barbara Torrey, mother of Shane, 2 1/2, Ashley, 15 months, Lincoln, Neb.

Coffee break "If I have a rough night or morning with the baby, I stop for an iced mocha on my way to work. It's my treat for when things get stressful."— Tricia PaulsenGo soak yourself"I fill my home pedicure tub with hot water and sit in the bathroom and read, all alone. No one else is allowed in until I'm done."— Stacy Charlesbois, mother of Nathalie, 9 months, Farmington Hills, Mich.

Tea time "I love to sneak away for tea at an elegant hotel. I get to valet park, sit down in a room with adults, and have someone wait on me for a change."— Mary Benson, mother of Brendan, 8 months, Fla.


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