Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bouncing Back

2002 (1 kid) 2005 (2 kids)
So after the birth of my first child, I was one of those lucky mommies. My stomach became flat again shortly after my daughter was born. I chalked it up to good genes because my mom bounced back to her original figure too.
Well, that's not the whole story... Immediately following the birth, I was the Pilsbury Dough Boy. My belly was pliable and swallowed any fingers that poked at it. My stomach was flat, but couldn't someone have told me it was going to feel like jello? Breastfeeding definitely helped the sponge that was my stomach firm up and fast.
Even after the birth of my second child, my stomach is still flat. However, bouncing back after the birth of my son took much longer.
And unfortunately, I ended up with saggy, extra skin. It's gross and I shouldn't have been so surprised. I'm very petite and I gained 40 pounds and it was all belly. You rarely (if ever) hear about excess skin-but I'm seeing more about it on those reality, plastic surgery shows. If I stand up straight and tall-as pictured above-you wouldn't notice it.
Therefore, you'll never see me bend over to pick up anything.
Once it's bathing-suit season again, I'll be doing backbends to pick up the kids' sand pail and shovel.


The Kept Woman said...

OMG, girl...I hear you. My stomach looks flat (when standing) and the scale says I'm back to normal, but then I bend over to dry the under side of my hair.

Ummmmm, not normal. Where did all that excess come from and when is it leaving!?!?

(P.S. sorry to throw you off...I'm also Mama Duck)

Allygator said...

If I can look HALF as good as you after this little one is born (even with the extra skin), I'll be one happy mama!!!

Kelley said...

Mama Duck-you have time to blow dry your hair-do tell...