Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gymnastics makes kids smarter!

"Why gymnastics...for my preschooler?
Early physical development contributes directly to early intellectual growth. Gymnastics has been recognized as an activity that contributes directly to the growth of the areas of the brain responsible for coordination and body control. The more your child is involved in these activities at a young age, the better their physical and mental development will be for life.Child development experts also know that during the formative years, acquiring healthy learning attitudes is far more important than the mastery of specific skills."
(from Kindergym website)
I recently discovered how important it is for my kids to participate in sensory motor skill activities. It makes them smarter!! My daughter is currently enrolled in gymnastics and soon my son will join too. According to KinderGym, brain research over the past 50 years has demonstrated a direct mind/body connection. During the first two years of a child's life, various sensory motor skills are developed. Gymnastics emphasizes movement, thus building sensory motor skills. Gymnastics, unlike other sports, develops the ability to know where the body is in space. Plus, such activities increase self-confidence, muscular development, balance and listening skills. For kids especially at the pre-school level, gymnastics can *enhance reading scores as well. (*if you click this link-scroll down and then click the rainbow box to view reading article)
My daughter loves "nastics" and can do more in just 6 weeks of classes than I ever imagined. It's amazing how quickly the kids learn and perform each gymnastics move. I thought I had to wait until my son was older to participate, but there are classes for infants too-with parental assistance.

Learning a foreign language or playing an instrument are also great activities for preschool age children. The brain grows at an astonishing rate during the first 6 years of life and can easily absorb all that information and if not forced on the child can be lots of FUN!!


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I took tap, ballet and gymnastics as a kid. I swear those lessons are still with me today, especially the ballet! My personal trainer even noticed my form and credits my dance background.

Allygator said...

I never had gymnastics or dance lessons as a kid and I sometimes secretly resent my parents for it. I would probably be MUCH less of a clutz and be able to focus better if I'd had them. Kudos to you!

Kelley said...

I took gymnastics and ballet. My mom also had my sister and I learn tennis and Spanish at a young age. I was only good at Spanish, but I still enjoyed the activities and the experiences. I know they've helped me in my current life.

Bloghungry said...

I took gymnastics growing up and was in a school that taught Spanish and violin. If pressed I could do a cartwheel, play Mary had a little lamb, and greet someone in Spanish, but that is the extent of my retention of those skills. Still I think it is important to be exposed to a variety of activities.