Saturday, June 17, 2006


IT'S HOT in California's San Fernando Valley. I heard the temp was at 108 on Friday!
It gets too hot to hang out in our upstairs apartment so I set up the plastic baby pool in the backyard this weekend. It's nothing fancy, but my kids sure do enjoy it! My downstairs neighbor bought a toddler-size jungle gym from Stage 2 that has a little two foot slide. I positioned the slide into the pool for added FUN! My kids screamed and played like they were at a water park. And unlike a water park, I could relax easier while keeping an eye on them.


Burfica said...

My son loved the kiddie pools. We had one each year. Now he's way to big for it. Has to be the real public pool or the lake. hehehehe

Kelley said...

I'm sure that time is soon to come for me too.