Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Best Sippy Cups - Best Baby & Child Products Series #2

(I can't really do a Best Bottle because every baby is different. My daughter liked any kind of bottle and my son only like Avent.)

But with sippy cups, they are fairly similar in basic design. You need one that won't leak and your child wants one that doesn't require too much sucking and feels comfortable.
I've found for the transition from bottle to sippy cup the Avent Magic Cup is the best. You can see from the design, the mouth piece is closer is shape and feel to a bottle nipple than most sippy cups.

Avent also makes a Magic cup with handles. Both designs are truly spill-proof and the spill-proof valve lasts longer than most. (they are dishwasher safe-but I suggest NOT using HEAT to dry to keep the valve from warping)

For a child who has no problem with transitioning to a sippy cup or toddlers and older kids, I've found the Gerber sippy cups are best. Again, with proper care, the spill-proof valves last longer than other sippy cups. Plus, my kids prefer the easy-grip design.

I like the Gerber sippy cup that comes with an attached snack container too.

SIPPY CUP VALVE INFO-The valves for sippy cups are small and easily lost, but you can purchase replacement valves from most baby product websites/stores. Gerbers valves are simple to use as they are only one "plug" piece.
Other valves, such as Playtex, have two plug ends and if not inserted correctly, they will leak.

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willam said...

these are also handy for drunk drag queens. I use one at the beach. you know i'm serious too which is a little sad but funny just as much