Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I dropped the kids off at day care and sat with my daughter while she ate her breakfast. My sister had packed a sack lunch for my daughter's zoo field trip today. As I sat with my little girl, she asked who made the drawings and wrote her name on her lunch sack. I told my daughter that her aunt Tracey had done that.
Several moments passed as well as several bites of waffles and my daughter exclaims, "Mommy, Tracey made love!"
I carefully scan the room to see if any parents were in ear-shot. Thankfully- none. Then, my daughter points to one of the hearts my sister had drawn on the lunch sack. "See,"
My sister "made" a heart-she made love.
Yes, now mommy sees-the lunch sack conversation had slipped my mind which apparently fell directly into the gutter.

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Burfica said...

aren't kids just the funniest??? hehehehe