Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Graduation Time

So it's graduation time. This past Memorial Weekend, my kids and I attended our cousin Lindsay's high school graduation ceremony. We went with my sister and her kids so between my sister and I-we had five kids from age 2 to 7.
We arrived early at the convention center where the graduation would take place to let our kids run around on a near-by play ground to expend some energy. We packed snacks and a few quiet activities to keep the kids occupied during the ceremony in case the speeches dragged on and on...

My sister's 3-year-old son was an angel...he slept through the ceremony (even when we screamed for our cousin Lindsay as she walked the aisle way to the stage)

My son thought he was still at the playground. He wouldn't sit still in my lap, but played pretty good on the floor in front of my seat.

Then he figured out how fun it was to throw his animal crackers instead of eating them...

I tried to pick up the mess as best I could, but apparently I'd missed some crackers a few rows up. While I'm busy yapping with my family and ignoring the Principal's speech and my son-he managed to crawl under the chairs three rows up from me to fetch one of his animal crackers. He then proceed to eat the cracker and then spit it out. A woman sitting in front of my son had turned around and made a face of pure disgust and then searched the rows behind her for the mother who was responsible for this child's behavior. The woman might have discovered me in that moment had I not been doubled-over laughing with my sister! I couldn't help it! It was one of those situations-where you feel completely helpless. The chairs were much to close together and I was literally in the middle of the aisle. There was no going around to grab my son. And I wasn't about to crawl under the chairs to retrieve my son-what with all that animal cracker mess! All I could do was laugh and once I saw my sister laughing-we just laughed harder. Some where in the midst of our laughing our cousin's grandfather handed me my son. Luckily, he was laughing too.


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