Monday, May 14, 2007

Great Ball of Wasabi

My neighbor and his buddy invited the kids and me to join them for sushi the other night. I hesitated because I didn't want my kids to "ruin" their dinner. My daughter is usually well-behaved at restaurants, but my son requires more attention and distraction to keep still and quiet.

I decided to go and grabbed a bag of goodies to occupy my son during the meal. My son was doing pretty good, but wanted to sit in my lap for most of the dinner. I obliged so I wouldn't have to fight him to sit in his own chair and listen to him cry.

My kids love the sushi rolls I order them but they particularly like eating the rice bed my sushi rests on!

As I was enjoying the adult conversation, the delectable sushi and too much Saki-my son would feed me some of the rice he didn't eat. I am so used to multi-tasking at restaurants in order to keep the kids behaved and keep my sanity that having rice shoved in my mouth by my son every so often during conversation, ordering more sushi and refilling sippy cups with lemonade is second-nature. I should have been paying more attention. As I was yapping away about whatever, my son fed me what I thought was more sticky rice skewered on a lone chop stick.

My neighbor's eyes widened and he hollered at me not to swallow. Why?

I still hadn't realized...

My son had fed me the entire ball of wasabi from my sushi plate.

I sat there at the table, my son in my lap, a mouthful of Japanese horseradish and couldn't believe I didn't even notice it. And now what do I do? My neighbor insisted I spit it out-that I'd pay dearly the next day. Oh, there was no way in hell I was swallowing that ball of wasabi. As it started to dissolve on my tongue, I could finally taste it. I pulled my napkin from between my lap and my son and spit the green goop out. Whoa-I could really taste it and my eyes watered up. Next time, I'll be sure to look at what my son is feeding me before I open my mouth...


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

oh my gosh I thought you were going to say that HE ate

I hope you had a happy mothers day.

TL said...

It's moments like these that forge those neighborly bonds ;p

Holy wasabi Batman!