Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to School...Back to Reality...Back to the here and now...

It's time to start getting back on a routine. I'm easing my kids into an earlier bedtime already so it's not such a shock to their system. (I've been spoiling them by letting them stay up later this summer)
My mother-in-law was kind enough to assist me in registering my daughter for Kindergarten and took her school supply shopping. I'm telling you it's a scavenger hunt trying to find the very precise items required by the school. We went to two stores and still haven't bought all the necessary supplies. This is all new to me. I missed the Elementary school's sale of pre-packaged school supplies (which they don't sell during registration?? Does it make sense for a school to make it easy for the kids who already go there and difficult for the new students???)
Well, I'll know for next year and hopefully you'll know now too!!
Wal-Mart and Target do have special end-cap displays set up with school supplies required by local schools. In addition, the stores have copies of the local school supply lists available.
My mother-in-law also did the back-to-school clothes shopping for my daughter-what a huge help!

OH-AND DON'T FORGET IT'S A TAX-FREE WEEKEND this weekend (August 17-19, 2007) in case you're still in need of back-to-school items! (or in my case, a new pair of shoes!)

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Anonymous said...

I had previously purchased a school supply kit from the PTA at my daughter's school click here so I didn't have to add buy school classroom supplies to my list.