Thursday, August 09, 2007


Last week while I was out-of-town, there was a horrendous thunderstorm in my neighborhood. The strong gusts of wind managed to blow open the door of my balcony. The door leads to the master bedroom which is carpeted. Luckily, my neighbor noticed the door had blown open and went over to my house to shut the door. She was worried about the down-pour damaging the interior of my home. Unfortunately, she was unable to find my spare house key and there aren't outside stairs attached to the balcony. My neighbor called the local police department. Two patrol cars arrived in less than 2 minutes. The policemen searched for my spare key and weren't able to find it.

The cops then called the local volunteer fire department for assistance. With siren blaring as dictated by protocol, the fire engine arrived at my house. All for a blown open door! The kind fire fighter raised the ladder up to the balcony to close the door. Another one of my neighbors came home from work just in time to see the two police vehicles and the fire truck in my driveway. He went over to find out what all the commotion was about. Once he understood the situation, he casually told the police where the spare key was hidden! All that hard work to raise that big, heavy ladder! (BTW-the carpet was spared and the house was searched for intruders-all is well)

I am so thankful for their dedication. If the police and fire departments went to all that trouble for my door, then I am very lucky to live in my neighborhood. I feel even more protected and safe than I already did.

My kids colored THANK YOU cards for the police and fire departments. We hand-delivered the cards along with cookies to the police and fire stations. I felt it was necessary in our case, but stopping by your local police and fire departments with homemade cards and cookies is a great way to get to know those who are looking out for you and your family! And to give them much deserved appreciation.Plus, my kids really enjoyed it!

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YAY!! Any single!? They can come crawling through my window anytime! WOO HOO!!