Thursday, July 10, 2008


My daughter recently turned 6-years-old. We're having a party for her this weekend. She had originally wanted a tea party and then decided on Chuck E. Cheese. Luckily, I was able to talk her out of the latter-she's actually had a birthday with Chuck already. My daughter returned to her original idea of a tea party, but she was very insistant that boys would want to come too. I assured her that we could throw a tea party even boys would enjoy.
I brainstormed tea party ideas that would be different and not too "girly." Instantly, the Mad Hatter tea party from Alice in Wonderland popped in my head. I thought about tumblers instead of tea cups, everything mis-matched and silly, strands of paper lanterns, a croquet game, a card game, crafty hat-making, finger sandwiches and cups cakes inside tea cups. The party was all coming together in my head. I quickly looked up "mad hatter tea party" on line and discovered my ideas were not original, but still good. There are numerous websites (such as this one) that detail many ideas for throwing a Mad Hatter Tea Party.

My daughter's party will actually be a Mad Hatter's Ice Tea Party since it's summertime-especially here in Texas.

As usual, I raided the Dollar store for party necessities:
-Party supplies (plates, napkins, plastic wear)
-Decorations (colorful fake flowers, cards, balloons)
-Party favors and prizes (decks of cards, bug cather kits)
-Reusable water bottles to use as the tea cups (they're round, colorfully-striped with a cap and straw)
-Cake Mix, frosting and cup cake holders
-Hat making supplies (foam visers, foam cut-outs, pompoms, googly-eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers)

I'll prepare chicken salad, tuna salad and PB&J finger sandwiches, veggie and fruit trays, snacks, and of course TEA! I'll have plain, peach and rasberry teas to choose from.

I'll set up a party tent or canopy adorned with paper lanterns and a large table with plenty of chairs. The table will be covered with bright tablecloths and colorful doilies. An array of hats, mis-matched tea pots and cups all full of colorful fake flowers and playing cards will be the center piece of the table.

Upon arrival at the party, the guests will find all sorts of hat-making crafts and supplies on a separate table and will be able to make their own silly hat (in this case a visor again-since it's July in Texas!)

My mom purchased a lovely croquet set for my daughter's birthday- so it will be used for one of the party games. I'll have each kid have a go at hitting the ball through the wire hoop for a prize.

A second game will be called the Queen of Hearts. I'll place the same amount of cards in a hat as there are guests-making sure one of the cards is the Queen of Hearts. Whom ever draws the Queen will win a prize.

Birthday cup cakes will be served in mis-matched tea cups.

(We even had a rabbit hole)


Invite the Party said...

I love it, especially the rabbit hole! Too funny.

Yasir Khalid said...

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