Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A memorable brick...

A brick in time...saves your name-permanently!

I found this to be an amazing way to celebrate a first home (really any home) an anniversary, a birthday, thanking or remembering a family member or friend-truly there are countless reasons to memorialize someone, something or some family or group by purchasing a brick or tile along a public walkway or park.
I've seen bricks just like these all over the country. In my case, the Kemah Historical Society was needing a bricked area outside of their Old School House Museum. They used inscribed bricks and tiles to help fund a portion of the project. At $60 bucks a brick, I thought the cost of seeing that brick there for the course of my life and years after was well worth it! My kids get a kick out of seeing there names in the brick every time we walk by the old school house.
Check out your local schools, theatres, parks, museums or historical society for bricks or tiles to inscribe with your name.


Kookaburra said...

I love those things! It's such a great way for a town to fund a new walkway.

I had one of these done in the town where my parents live. I got it with their names on it as a gift for their wedding anniversary.

They thought it was great and they go by and see it every once in awhile. So... it's great for families, but it's also a great, unique gift idea for someone who's tricky to buy for.

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