Saturday, August 02, 2008

BIG Thank you!

This past week I went out-of-town for a work conference. My mother-in-law was kind enough to come stay with the kids. Like a good Mimi, she spoiled the kids and took them to Chuck E. Cheese and the Johnson Space Center. She said the kids were well-behaved and she enjoyed the visit.
Unfortunately, the visit also included vomit and diarrhea. Her role was expanded to washing bedding and scrubbing beige Berber carpet. Mimi is a good sport and I really appreciate her babysitting for me.

I tried to make it a bit easier for Mimi:
-I made sure to stock up on groceries so she wouldn't have to go to the store. (Next time I'll make sure to have some Gingerale or Sprite).
-I even made a list of suggestions the kids like for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
-I put out clothes for my son to wear for the week.
-In case it rained or it was too hot outside, I set out art supplies/projects to keep the kids occupied.
-I wrote instructions on how to operate the TV's and the satellite (I know I have trouble figuring out other people's remotes)

-Also, I left an extra health insurance card in case of a medical emergency and I left a signed letter giving her permission to treat my kids.

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