Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1. FREE MOVIES: Many local theatres offer free family friendly movies once or twice a week. Call your local theatre. Also, many communities show free family movies outdoors!

2. THINK LIBRARY: It's not only cool, it's air-conditioned! Most libraries hold summer reading programs. Libraries also have CD's and DVD's that can be checked out.

3. DAY TRIPS: Check out what is available within a short drive. Museums, aquariums, zoos, outdoor theatre and historical attractions can often be educational as well as fun!

4. CRAFTS: Many craft stores will offer special craft days for kids where kids can go in and create on a Saturday morning. Give the store a call or check their website for schedule information. Hardware stores also offer free how-to sessions for kids.

5. GARDEN: Let the kids have their own garden. Let them plant what they want.

6. EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS: Hikes, bike rides, fishing, tubing, parks and swimming are all great summer activities.

7. CAMP: There are many camps that only last a week or two. The local YMCA is a great source for these. If a sleep away camp is not possible/affordable-do a family weekend camping trip or even backyard camping complete with s'mores!

8. INCLUDE THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Help the kids plan a neighborhood event. Ideas include a water baseball game, water balloon war, scavenger hunt, night flashlight hunting for frogs, etc.

9. SPORTS & LESSONS: Summer is a good time to sign up for sports activities, music lessons and/or dance/gym/martial arts classes. Reward the kids with a trip to a minor league game or local dance recital.

10. HOBBIES & COLLECTING: Support a hobby or collection interest or help start a new one. There are many hobby kits available for purchase or you can create your own. Learning to cook simple recipes, treasure hunting, flower/leaf pressing, collecting baseball cards, coins, or animal bones, etc.

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feedmefarmer said...

Great ideas & love the photos. Camping is such a learning experience for kids of all ages ;}