Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Special Delivery Time Line

I learned the hard way to now ALWAYS check my child's backpack for her take-home folder on Friday instead of waiting until Sunday night...

Recently, I didn't check my daughter's take-home folder until late Sunday night when I was preparing her lunch for the next day. Inside I found a sheet of paper describing a social studies project that was due Tuesday morning. We would have had the entire weekend to complete the project had I opened my daughter's backpack on Friday when she returned home from school.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda...

The social studies project my daughter needed to create was a time line of photos depicting her life from birth to present including dates, places and special memories.

I had plenty of pictures from my daughter's birth to about 4-years-old, but very few current pics as most of my photos are online these days. Luckily, she did have some school portraits and even a sketched photo drawing from Chuck E. Cheese!

What I didn't have at the house was poster board-construction paper was too small and flimsy. I searched the garage and recycling for an unused box big enough to cut up for the base of the time line. I found an empty Red Baron pizza box.
It was perfect! My daughter could cut the edges so it opened up like delivery pizza boxes. Plus, it folded up nicely for her to take to school without messing up the pictures.

It turned out pretty good considering the time we had to complete it.

Most importantly, my daughter enjoyed remembering the activities shown in her photos and putting the time line together!

(Next time my daughter needs something of this sort-we'll have more time to paint the box or cover it with colored paper)


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