Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Web Cam Christmas

This Christmas my cousin decided at the last minute to set up a web cam at my aunt's house in Texas. I braved Fry's Electronics on Friday before the holiday and bought a web cam for our computer. I'd never done anything like this before and it was easier than I imagined (although my husband did most of the set-up). It was the best Christmas away from home and I can't believe we hadn't done it sooner. I enjoyed Christmas dinner and even a "Scrooge" game (white elephant game) with my entire family in Houston. It was amazing, a bit surreal and lots of fun! The picture and sound were clear and we watched in real time.
My husband and I want to get web cams for both our parents now. It's such a great way to communicate and allow family to see our kids grow.
And it's FREE!


willam said...

I've never used the webcam for family orientated activities (unless you count families in alabama)
on a side note, you go to the studio city farmers market on sunday? i just read bridgette's blog that you saw Dylan from Nip/Tuck there...so cool.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I'm coming over for a demo! That is way too cool. Just wait until the grandmas of the world figure this one out - that will get them online in droves.

homolandsecurity said...

This the the cousin that came up with the web cam idea (so sorry about the last minuet sitch, btw) and I got to see first-hand at how the web-cam conference affected the family here in Texas. I was more than I ever hoped for!! I think it was the best gift I ever gave my aunt and uncle (Kelley's parents). We even sat around after dinner after most of the guests had left and swaped stories! Oh, the connection was NEVER broken and we were connected the WHOLE day! Eat that MA Bell!!!

Anonymous said...

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