Friday, February 03, 2006

Lithgowpaloozas and other activities for kids

I absolutely love JOHN LITHGOW. He's much more than just a brilliant actor. He's also a best-selling children's author.
And Mr. Lithgow's most important role is being a father.
His most recent children's books include A Lithgow Palooza! and Lithgow Party Paloozas!: 52 Unexpected Ways to Make a Birthday, Holiday, or Any Day a Celebration for Kids.
According to his Lithgowpalooza book, a palooza is "an activity that keeps kids from uttering those terrifying words, 'I'm bored!'."

A palooza is easy to do!
• A palooza doesn't cost much (some cost absolutely nothing)
• A palooza is instigated or organized by parents but is quickly taken over by children
• A palooza may involve a computer but never the TV
• A palooza may use all varieties of arts and crafts
• A palooza may secretly teach children (and parents!) a thing or two
• A palooza is entertaining for the entire family
• A palooza depends entirely on the inexhaustible creativity, ingenuity, imagination, and sense of fun of young minds

The books are full of fun, engaging activities for children ages 3 to 12, yet most of the activities are geared for ages 6 to 12 (the activities can be modified for most age groups though).
Mr. Lithgow has definitely learned from his role as dad and has also created travel palzoola kits. Plus, his story books are sure to be included in your favorites list.

For online craft activities, playdough and other recipes, games, kid software downloads, and more suggestions for great kid books- check out the "internet playground for families" at KINDERPLANET!


Kate! said...

what a great idea! How did you find out about this?

Kelley said...

I discovered the Lithgow books on my own searching amazon. I bought one for me, my sister and my best friend.

A fellow daycare mom sent me the link for KINDERPLANET. Thanks go out to her!

Allygator said...

John Lithgow as a Martha Stewart-esqe party advice giver for children...who woulda thunk it?!?!

Thanks for the tip - I'll remember this when the time comes! :)