Thursday, March 23, 2006

Born Learning

Usually I don't pay attention to bathroom stall ads. If I want some entertainment while I'm in the can, I read the graffiti.
A recent ad caught my eye though, and I was hooked...

"The pile was made up of all different colors. A mommy decided she would play a game. Red! she said to her child, holding up a red shirt. Red! the child said. Mommy put it in the colors pile. Whites went in another pile. Green like a frog! White like ice cream! And so it went. Colors, whites, colors, whites. And on the very last thing - a bib of blue - the child pointed to the colors pile. You should've seen the smile on the mommy's face.

Everyday moments can become learning moments. Because learning starts long before school does. So tell stories. Play with the laundry. And even a chore with your child will become much more. Find out more at "

That's good advertising. I've since visited the website. You can link there through the United Way website too.

The website is an incredible resource. It's full of great tips, games, videos, links and articles to promote early learning using everyday chores or activities.
You're turning "ordinary daily activities into eye-opening experiences for your child."

Learn 5 tips to a happier baby-the key to early learning.

There's more helpful information for you to check out...(including some fun campaign commercials)

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