Monday, March 20, 2006

You gotta have a SIGG cup...

I've found an incredible drink bottle you can't be without-the SIGG CUP! It's an aluminum drink bottle that eliminates the nasty germs that get trapped in regular plastic sippy & travel cups. The swiss-enginereed bottle doesn't leave a metalic taste either. I found the bottles on the U the MOM website. The prices are very reasonable and the bottles are available for kids and adults.

"As seen in Time Magazine's 'Most Amazing Inventions' List for 2005, this child's sippy cup is truly cutting-edge! Say bye-bye to old plastic-leaching sippy cups, and hello to the ultra cool, smart, and easy-to-clean Sigg Cup! Since its made with Swiss preciseness and one peice of aluminum, there are no seams, making it easier to keep things sanitary. This is also the only stainless cup that can tolerate acidic juice and soft drinks without corrosion or taste transfer, and there are no dangerous chemicals that can leach out as often found in plastics. This .4L size is perfect for small hands, yet large enough to last, and is very light weight. Also see the many colors and styles of tops available for this item in the Accessories section. There is even a glow-in-the-dark top, and remember all Sigg tops fit all Sigg bottles, so stock up for style!"

U the Mom also offers fun, unique gift ideas for kids and moms included collegiate items and personalized CD's.

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