Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I'm big on traditions, and thanks to my daughter's homework this past weekend, I've started a new one. Homemade Christmas ornaments.
The kids always enjoy a craft and making an ornament to hang on the tree or around the house during the holidays will make decorating even more special.

My daughter's project was to color a gingerbread man cut out of white paper for the class tree. (She colored with crayons & embellished with foam cut-outs. Try buttons, jingle bells, glitter pens, yarn or felt for other options)

I thought we could do the same thing each year. The kids can decide what project they would like to create. I'll date the back of their decoration and each passing year, we'll have more homemade ornaments to add to our tree-not to mention all the memories will be adding too!

Need a good, inexpensive gift idea for the grandparents? Why not have the kids make them an ornament. Or buy a simple, photo-frame type ornament and put a nice picture of the kids inside.

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