Thursday, June 12, 2008


The in-laws are treating my family to an incredible, week-long Gulf Shores Getaway (that's on the coast of Alabama near the Florida border). I'm really looking forward to relaxing on the beach, reading a good book and sipping on a (several) rum and coke. There will be plenty of adults around for everyone to take turns watching the kiddos. The drive is about 8 to 9 hours so we're going to break it up. We'll stop in Lafayette and spend the night with the in-laws and then caravan the rest of the way the following morning.
I remembered writing about road trip tips in an old posting-so I searched through my blog archives. Some of the tips need to be motified since the kids are older now, but the list is still helpful:

*Travel games (age appropriate)
*Coloring books/crayons
*Interactive toys (my kids love their Leapsters & Doodle Sketches & the toys sit well in their laps)
*A child's favorite (be it a toy, stuffed animal, doll, blanket, pillow, etc)
*A new toy (something new is great for travel and holds the child's interest longer)
*Snacks (crackers, pretzels, jerky, apples, carrot sticks, dried fruit, nuts, soy beans, etc-I included gummy bears as a reward for good travel behavior)
*Drinks (fruit juice boxes, water bottles, prepared sippy cups of child's favorite drink)
*Cooler (if room allows for a regular or travel size-it's great for drinks and snacks-even a lunch if you'd rather picnic at a rest stop than eat fast food)
*Kid CD's (music sing-a-longs or books on tape)
*DVD's (if your car or portable DVD player are in working order)
*Portable potty (the kids' always need to go before or after the rest stops-a travel potty makes pulling over on the side of the road to pee easier and legal)
*Shades for the side &/or back windows (the sun can get hot and the shades make for a darker nap environment-here's hoping!)
*FOR REST STOPS-bubbles, a ball or Frisbee make great stretch-your-leg activities

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Kellie said...

Hi Kelley!!! Just perusing your blog. u crack me up. :) i'll be a regular reader from now on. hope all is going with u and the fam.