Thursday, June 05, 2008

School's Out For Summer...

Now What???

No, really, now what?

I'm so proud that my lil' Kindergartner has graduated, but now I've got to find more ways to keep her occupied and stimulated so she doesn't get bored or forget half of what she learned in Kindergarten. I did finally buy her a desktop computer. For those summer days that are too hot, she will finally be able to practice her computer skills. Websites such as or even cartoon channel (PBS, Disney, Nickelodeon) websites have a multitude of fun learning activities and games to play. Plus, we'll continue to read books, do activity books and art projects.

And summer means summer camps and plenty of sports and lessons. Take a trip to your nearest grocery store, mega store, day care, school, or restaurant and you'll find a plethora of local magazines, brochures and flyers for most any activity- from pottery classes and Space Camp to swim lessons.

I'm lucky enough to have my husband home for the summer to watch the kids and save on day care expenses. But, most day cares offer weekly summer field trips included in the cost or for a nominal fee.

Many families have some sort of summer vacation planned or at least a weekend getaway. Don't forget about friends and family too!!! How about sending the kids for a week at Nanna's house and a week at Mimi's house and a week at Aunt Tracey's house and a weekend at a friend's house or with the neighbors! You're summer will be over before you know it...

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