Monday, April 06, 2009

My son wants a baby...

My 4-year-0ld son and my six-year-old daughter were talking about babies. They were playing with a few of my daughter's baby dolls. She stated that some day she would have baby and placed the doll under her shirt.

My son was very excited and exclaimed, "I will have a baby in my tummy some day!"

My daughter told her lil' brother, "You can't have babies."

My son looked hurt and countered back, "Yes, I can too have babies in my tummy!"

His sister teased, "Only GIRLS can have babies!"

My son then cried real tears and asked me if he "could have a baby too." My son sobbed, as I explained that he couldn't have a baby, but he could help make a baby. It was sad and also, absolutely adorable...

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