Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Answer the question

Kids are curious. As soon as they are talking, it seems they only ask questions. Over and over and over and over again...
The WHY? stage.
It doesn't have to be annoying.

At around 3-years-old, my daughter started asking a lot of questions and wanted the answers repeated just as often.
I put a limit on how many times I'd repeat myself-THREE TIMES. On the third time I'd tell my daughter, "Mommy, has told you three times now." At that point, she would usually repeat the answer I'd told her three times. I knew she heard me the first time, but where's the fun in asking a question once?

My daughter is almost four now. She's still asking questions; though not asking for repeat answers. Most of the questions my daughter asks occur while we're driving.
I've tried to make a creative game of it so I don't go insane.

WHAT'S THAT MAMA? Since I am driving and can't see what my daughter's asking about-I ask her, "Did you see a building, a tree, a sign?" Usually she'll point and say, "no, that." I'll explain that mommy's driving and can't look right now and ask that she explain what's she pointing at to me.

WHY THOSE BIRDS SIT ON THE WIRE LIKE THAT? The birds like to hang out there and talk.

WHAT THOSE BIRDS LOOKING AT? They like to look at cars and look for food someone might throw on the ground.

WHO THAT GUY? He looks like a jogger. He's getting some exercise.

WHO PAINTED THAT (mural at a high school)? The students at the school painted that. It's called a mural.

I often don't know the answers to my daughter's questions. I just make them can too.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Mommy, What's a blog?

Lord Alistair Kilwhillie said...

I remember some years ago, my hideous old bag of a wife came home from one of her shopping holidays on the Costa Del Sol...I happened to be entertaining a young woman of my acquaintance in the bedchamber when my wife burst in.

"And who, Alistair, is THIS?"

I calmly turned my head and replied:

"Why this is Daphne of course!"

"Daphne!" she excalimed

Unlike your daughter, at least I didn't have to repeat myself even once!

Kelley said...

Oh, Alistair, I truly enjoy reading about your escapades-especially when it includes the word "bedchamber." LOL!