Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Call me Old Fashioned, but I sincerely believe in THANK YOU notes.

This past weekend, I attended a birthday party for my daughter's former daycare friend. Her friend turned 6 and started kindergarten last fall. I was shocked to hear from the birthday boy's mom that none of the kids from his class send out thank you notes any more. She felt if others weren't doing them-she wasn't going to waste her time. I couldn't blame her, but I couldn't agree. She did attach a nice card to the party favor bags which read: "Thanks for coming to my party."

I would think the older a child gets the MORE you want them to learn to respect people, appreciate things and be gracious as well as grateful.

Thank you cards don't have to be a hassle and it's okay for them to be the same. Keep them simple, short and sweet.

Name of guest,
Thank you for the ___________
and coming to my party.
birthday kid's name

I think it's so important for the note to specify the gift received. It makes the "thank you" more personal and appreciated. The cards don't have to expensive or match the party theme-they can be generic or hand-made.

Even though my daughter can't write, she enjoys coloring the thank you cards that I write out for her. She practices her letters and gets to be creative.

I love to include pictures of the guests at the party along with the thank you card if time allows. I prefer handwritten notes, but I'm also a fan of printed out note cards with a few added touches by my daughter.

At Christmas time, I've even sent electronic thank you cards. My daughter likes assisting at the computer and picking out the animation. It may not be as personal, but it's still a "thank you."
(I do insist the cards are mailed out for my kids' birthdays since that day is truly dedicated to just them)

The following is a link for thank you card etiquette from and (there are lots of links on this subject).


Miranda said...

I like your ideas I am the worst for thank you cards, I have the best intentions but I feel so bad when they are all the same it seems so boring and repetative to me but then I remember that it isn't like bob is going to show sue his card and they will critisize me for giving them the same ones I mean the invites are the same so why can't the thank you's be? anyways thank you for the posting your ideas I will keep them in mind on the next birthday.

Kelley said...

Thanks for the great comment-and with "thank yous" it really is the thoughtfulness that matters!

Sugarmama said...

I'm getting my older daughter into the habit of writing thank-you notes for her birthday and other gifts. She's at the age now (almost 8) where she can flesh out the prose a little, too, and I don't have to dictate. I usually let her make the cards herself and buy her a ton of new stickers to decorate with as incentive.

Kelley said...

Stickers are always a great idea and I think it wonderful your daughter takes her time to create those cards.

cubmommy said...

I think it is rude not to send some form of thank you. I have been doing it since the boys have been born.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!!!

TL said...

I have been really trying to make sure of my manners lately. I don't know why... but I feel it will help me grow into a graceful, old lady, with a necklace of lovely pearls and the best looking head of silvery curls ever!

Coincidentally, recently I found myself stuck for something to write as a thank you so I searched the 'net and came across this little gem:

Hope it helps.

Kelley said...

thanks for the link-I'll check it out!